Plumbing Problem

January 30, 2008

I’m appealing to the public to help me out here.

I have a basement studio complete with shower and toilet. I’m having a problem and I’m wondering if it has to do with the super duper amounts of rain we’ve been having. I could be wrong because I know nothing about what voo-doo (get it?!) goes on once the pipes go into the walls and under the floors.

When I flush the toilet, sewage gurgles up from my shower drain. They are connected somehow. Moths have been coming out of my shower drain and sometimes when the sewage gurgles up there are little worms (moth larvae) mixed in with the sewage. Nice huh? This is the life of the rich and famous. My studio has little black moths coming out of my shower drain and when it’s not moths it’s my poop.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m wondering if I should pour Liquid Plummer into the shower drain. I already poured a bottle of Head and Shoulders and Old Spice body scrub that Eef left at my house when his band stayed over last summer. Those products didn’t kill the worms so I poured Clorox color bleach down there and now when the sewage gurgles up the worms are all dead (and smell breezy fresh).


6 Responses to “Plumbing Problem”

  1. Mikemayday Says:

    If LP doesn’t fix the problem, you’re pretty much screwed. It would mean there’s a breach in the pipe system.

  2. Bob McGowan Says:


    Sounds like you’ve got a blockage down stream from where your shower drain ties into the toilet drain. Toilet flushes, has no where to go, backs into shower. I doubt Liquid Plummer (or Plumber) will help. You could try but you don’t want to step in that stuff once it backs up again. I’d call a real Plummer.

  3. Maxwell Morgan Says:

    Ouch, what happened to all the revenue from catscratch and junk? Surely a plumber would cost next to nothing for you. I agree with bob, would’nt make for a very fun do-it-yourself project.

  4. Lemm Says:

    Yeah…you need to get that looked at really. We had the same kind of problem (only a little less gross! ;)) with our downstairs toilet – it turned out to be a blockage…

  5. Aaron Says:

    It sounds like you are suffering blockage… I recommend a bran muffin and in extreme situations an ex-lax cupcake.

  6. Matt B Says:

    My parents have a shower and toilet down in the basement that are NEVER used. When they were used occasionally, toilet water would sometimes come up in the shower. But we never had moth larvae come up. It had something to do with our septic tank that overflowed anyway. I don’t know if you’re on a septic tank or not, but once they got connected to the sewer the basement stopped flooding.

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