February 6, 2008

The time has come for change. We must change and I promise that we will change. If we do not change we cannot say that we have changed. If the people before us changed anything we are here to change that too. That’s right, we are also here to change change. For the people before us changed the people before them. If we are ever going to change change, we will have to change the change change also.

The people have also made it clear that you want unity. It’s about time we all agreed to unite under the banner of unity. To those who oppose unity we will not unite with you. We are for disunity with those who are for disunity. In fact, we really want to show unity with those who want change. Unless you want to change unity. Then we still want to change you but we do not want unity with your ass.

Finally, I have to fire a warning shot at status quo. Status Quo you’ve got to go. The status quo is afraid of our message of change and unity. We will change the status quo unless it too is for change. If the status quo is to change then we want unity with the status quo. But for now we want to change the status quo to usher in a new era of change and unity, which will become the new status quo. And when that new era of change and unity is accomplished we will fight those who want to change us and we will not unite with them either.

If we can just change the status quo to unite with us change agents then the status quo will cease to be so and we will have united and changed the change. 


6 Responses to “Change”

  1. sideache Says:

    I am changing as we speak.

  2. batter Says:

    i feel like the winds of change are blowing

  3. sideache Says:

    Just wait until the kids are a bit older – not as much changing and it keeps more change in your pockets.

  4. Will Says:


  5. Maxwell Morgan Says:

    you have change for a twenty?

  6. Mezzaphor Says:

    Well, you changed my mind.

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