Dressing Up For My Beloved

February 16, 2008

I noticed after 17 years of blissful marriage that I dressed like a complete hobo at home. I wasn’t taking good care of my body, smoking, eating all kinds of fast food, some days I didn’t wear deoderant or even brush my teeth. Scum!

Well, as a statement of love and adoration for my beloved I decided to take better care of myself around the house. That includes wearing button down shirts around the house, shaving regularly and even putting on cologn from time to time. I like treating my Beloved more like a lover than a roommate.

What’s weird is that a lot has changed around the house. Now she is dolling up her hair a little more, she’s dressing pretty damn snappy herself, wearing earrings etc.

This may not sound like a big deal but we have four kids ages 6 and under and it’s a miracle just to get their lunches packed.


One Response to “Dressing Up For My Beloved”

  1. batter Says:

    yeah, i need to work on the brushing of teeth and the shaving more as well. but since i’ve been like this our whole relationship i can’t really say i’m slacking off any more than before. but since i’ve gotten my new job i do have to dress slightly nicer for work, so that’s kinda something positive.

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