She’s Thinking of Me

February 16, 2008

Angie (my wife) wrote me a note the other day and set it by the phone. It couldn’t have taken much effort but one line of it just floored me. I’ll get to that line after I torture you with the body of this post.

Little things are big things. That’s my theme song this year. I grew accustomed to operating my life through an assortment of lists “Draw two comic pages. Call agent. Design tattoo for Jennifer.” I don’t like lists but my mind has the long term memory of a scorpion so I have to make lists on post-its or on my Palm TREO thingy that never works.

I took Angie to see Cloverfield today and it felt like we were doing something wrong…because it was off the list. She was running errands through her mind and we had to decide to let all of that crap go to enjoy this time together.

There are days where Angie’s just had it. The kids have taken her out of the game or I’ve pushed her to the edge of stress by working too much, being a bum, being a narcissist. Ah, but there are other times when the spark hits. It’s this light inside Angie that’s like the glow of molten iron. She’s got fire in her belly, an unstoppable force. When you first meet her you won’t see it but get to know her and the iron will come out of this woman. It says, “Don’t F with me, I’m a goddess who is not self aware of her own power.”…and that’s the kind of power that changes civilizations. The kids know it. I know it. Angie is the world’s most beautiful anchor. Tips for you married guys: don’t compare your spouse to an anchor but indulge me just this one time.

Guys like me can say a lot of things. I can use words. But Angie just is. She isn’t eloquent and when she tells you something you can bet your life on it. I live in a town of bullshit, filled with people of bullshit who work in an industry of bullshit which is why it’s paradise to come home to the real.

Angie gets frustrated because my Christmas and birthday cards are full of little drawings of angels, thoughts etc. I do the same for my children. If you’re a friend and you’ve gotten a note from me then you likely have some of my art stuck inside. She gets frustrated because she isn’t comfortable with eloquence.

But this time she got me. Not because eloquence comes easy but because she’s not the type to romance with flowery words. She tells the truth and her words weigh ten tons around here.

I taped her note to my drawing table and I’m going to remember it forever. I’m opening up the canon of the Bible to allow this new revelation:

“I love thinking about you.” – Angie

A man can take a lot of shit in life and feel on top of the world with that knowledge. Feed me to the lions, tempt me with a pagent of women, flush my career down the toilet…I’m going to be just fine.


2 Responses to “She’s Thinking of Me”

  1. Max Says:

    Sure, she loves THINKING about you, never said anything about actually loving you yourself.

    Just kiddin’. You’ve transcended being merely “lucky”, you know that? If your wife is anything like you describe only ehtereal forces could’ve welded you two together.

  2. Peggi Says:

    Awwww that is so sweet! I am so thankful to read that there is someone else in my age group who IS happily married. So many of our friends do nothing but bitch and complain about their spouses, makes my husband and I feel like freaks because we actually like each other.

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