February 20, 2008

A certain spouse of mine got me a present from Nordstrom’s. As the title reveals, I got a killer tie. Diagonal stripes of black, green and a little orange this baby is handsome. And Nordstrom’s makes their ties long so a 6’8″ swamp creature like myself finds generous length to tie a nice loose knot.

My first finger’s nail has a snaggle on it today so it scraped the tie and yanked a silk thread up…I couldn’t get that sucker out of the box without leaving an imperfection to prove I was there.

I put on the tie to try it out and I looked good. The universe was starting to collapse around my bitchin’ tie so I had to take it off before Mars done hit me in the face.

This tie is a mystery gift. It’s after Valentine’s Day and it’s not my birthday, we aren’t fighting and we aren’t making up so this was a neat-o freebie. I could tell by the colors and style that she was thinking about me, knowing my tastes after seeing me try to find human clothes that were remotely within my size so I could wear them before the cleaning lady put them in the dryer so the sleeves shrunk up to my elbows and I had to give the shirt up to the Salvation Army again.

Who just gets their husband a tie?! I’m so lucky. This is my lucky, lucky tie.


4 Responses to “I GOT A TIE TODAY!”

  1. Nev Says:

    I just recently got a Bolo tie sent to me from the states, and I’m looking forward to wearing a collared shirt so I can try it on.

    “before Mars done hit me in the face.”
    Doug, you hillbilly.

  2. doug Says:

    I wore a bolo the day before yesterday. It’s a nice silver number with a hunk of turquoise inside I got from my wife’s grandfather in Arizona. I looked kind of 80s when I wore it.

  3. Debbie Says:

    You got a tie on my birthday and I got new tires…. ( and some earrings) Life is beautiful!

  4. Cal Says:

    Wow, nice sounding tie, your a lucky man to be getting such a lucky tie. I myself would land with anything along the lines of a piano tie, that is the way i roll…..

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