February 21, 2008

I made my first quiche last night. It sounded like a good idea since we had a pie crust and a bunch of eggs to use up.

It’s not bad. It’s quichey, but I cooked up some thin asparagus and it overpowers the flavor of everything else…even the onion which I’d rather taste than asparagus.

But look at me! My first quiche!

Ingredients I used:
pie crust
4 eggs
heavy cream/milk
cream cheese (a little bit…just trying this out)
grated cheddar
salt and lots of course ground pepper
pan-fried asparagus, green onions


4 Responses to “Quiche”

  1. Lemm Says:

    Cool. Maybe try some ground nutmeg on top if you make another. Nutmeg is good for that kind of thing. :)

    Try replacing the asparagus with some oregano, next time.

  2. tennapel Says:

    Lemm! The recipe I used called for nutmeg and I said, “WHat?! I’m not using nutmeg on this!” Okay, so next time I’m using nutmeg. I think instead of asparagus I’m going to try finely chopped broccoli…or shredded potato.

  3. Lemm Says:

    Nutmeg is good for anything with eggs in basically – savory or sweet – custard tarts etc.
    That sounds good to me. :)

  4. Jon Hanson Says:

    I made Quiche once.

    I think it made me sick.

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