Raimi! Paramount! MONSTER ZOO!

March 12, 2008

…because Sam Raimi set up the movie deal at Paramount! :
Hollywood Reporter article

Paramount Pictures has preemptively picked up the rights to “Monster Zoo,” an upcoming graphic novel from Doug TenNapel, for a live-action adaptation that will be produced by Sam Raimi and Josh Donen via their Buckaroo Entertainment banner and Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein.

And this from Aint It Cool News

And what, you ask, is MONSTER ZOO? Well, it’s the latest graphic novel from Doug TenNapel, whose work I’ve been quite vocal about over the last few years. Doug’s sold projects to New Regency/Fox (CREATURE TECH) and Universal (TOMMYSAURUS REX), but the idea of Sam Raimi getting involved in this one is verrrrry exciting.

Raimi’s movie A Simple Plan is among my favorite all-time films. It’s nice to be in business with people who love telling stories…about creatures, comics and underdogs.

Pre-order my book Monster Zoo here from AMAZON!


15 Responses to “Raimi! Paramount! MONSTER ZOO!”

  1. Braam Kempen Says:

    Awesome stuff Doug! I still haven’t gotten any of your graphic novels but will buy a few as soon as I have the funds.

    Wow, a new Doug TenNapel movie. Can’t wait!
    *Runs off to tell everybody*

  2. Stormhammer Says:

    Congratulations Doug! I will definitely pick up the graphic novel. I’m totally psyched you’re finally getting a project on film!

  3. batter Says:


  4. SuperSam Says:

    Wowzer! Nice work!

    Nice to see two great artists on one project like this.

  5. Craig Says:


  6. Max Says:

    You just exploded my day.

  7. Lemm Says:

    Gahhhhh. I’m flat broke right now. -________-
    Will do eventually, lol. In the meantime, I’ll try to spread the news a little in the EWJ circle at least…congrats again, Doug. :)

  8. Nico Says:

    Doug! DUDE! Amazing news. I couldn’t be more proud. At Comic-Con i will totally snatch that shit up! See you then

  9. tredlow Says:

    yes Yes YES!!

    Thank the good lord!

  10. chris Says:

    so happy for you Doug, hope to catch you at a signing soon! Can’t wait for the new book, sounds like a ton of fun.

  11. Jason Says:

    Fantastic, Doug. Simply fantastic.

  12. Israel Says:

    Doug, that’s incredible news. Now let’s get them crankin Creature Tech out. I’d like to see a neverhood movie while were at it, but I understand the demographic might be a little limited. Cant wait to read/see it.

  13. Tim Baron Says:

    Congrats Doug. That is very cool.

  14. Aaron Johnson Says:

    That is awesome man! I hope it turns into something fruitful and rewarding.

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