I Ran 8 Miles Today

March 26, 2008

Don’t be too impressed, now my legs don’t work. I took a shower and laid down on my bed. Did I say that right? I never know if it’s lain, layed, lie, lay because I couldn’t think of a moment in my life where I ever said, “I lay down on my bed.”

Anyways, EIGHT MILES! What did you do today besides eat junk and sit at a computer reading my blog?


22 Responses to “I Ran 8 Miles Today”

  1. Gibbs Says:

    Uh, I proofread scan-to-text copies of 1914 editions of our college newspaper, sat in a seminar listening to postmodern and Marxist drivel, did some push ups and sit ups, and played Call of Duty 4. Oh…was that a rhetorical question? Oops…

    Anyway, congrats on the 8 miles. I think I’ve topped out at 6. How long did it take you?

  2. tennapel Says:

    It took me 14 hours.

  3. “What did you do today besides eat junk and sit at a computer reading my blog?”

    Do you have a spycam on me? :-)

    Well done on the run, I have a lot of desire to exercise but no will power to do so.

  4. Keith Says:

    I don’t appreciate your gross mischaracterization of my activities. I read other people’s blogs too.

  5. Non-Hero Says:

    8 Miles is something I have been wanting to work up to for many years, sadly I haven’t even done a mile in a while. Consider yourself a lucky man. ;)

  6. Gloria Says:

    I played DDR on “heavy mode” for about 1 1/4 hours today. It’s funny how I’m incapable of running for more than about a minute at a time but I can scramble around doing the equivalent of heavy aerobics for over an hour at a time if there’s pretty colors and techno music involved.

  7. Bob McGowan Says:

    Way to go Doug! That’s a big achievement and I’ll bet that a year ago you’d never have thought that you could run eight miles. You should start paying attention to what you drink and eat during and after your training. Eight miles is getting to the point that you need to take in some water during the run or you’ll feel like crap. They say that after about 1 hour of exercise you’ll need some carbs too. If you’re toying with the idea of running a marathon some day, check out Jeff Galloway’s website. He devsied a method where you run for four minutes, walk for one minute, etc., etc. etc. It works.

  8. Lemm Says:

    Cor Blimey. You’ll turn into a 7 foot Bruce Lee, at this rate! ;)
    Congrats Doug.
    I haven’t done much yet…I better get doing something constructive.

  9. Achoo Says:

    Sure, pick the ONE day I ate junk food and read your blog at the same time.

  10. Si Peters Says:

    Well I met you on facebook poker. And won a big hand with flush. It’s all good.

  11. alterna180 Says:

    i just at a cadbury egg.


  12. Neil Says:

    you just inspired me, Doug, I think I’ll go out and run at least ten miles. Nah, maybe four. that’ll do it.

  13. Craig Says:

    I rode my bike for four miles. Quit laughing… I’m working up to more.

  14. Luke Says:

    If you took all the places I stood still today, and set them end to end, it would stretch at least eight miles.

  15. AaronJer Says:

    I’d never run more than a mile unless I was being chased by insane robots. It’s not that I’m out-of-shape or lazy, it’s just that I like to stop and stare at everything for minutes at a time. Without a steam-powered mechanical man gone running amok I can’t seem to concentrate on much of anything.

  16. tennapel Says:

    what makes you think I could do 8 miles without being chased by a steam-powered mechanical man? He was carrying a machete, I could have gone TEN!

  17. AaronJer Says:

    Even though I can believe that it really took you 14 hours to run 8 miles, you”ll never convince me that our haywire automaton couldn’t easily run you down. The only possibility I can conceive is that both you and the robot are very, very small.

    Is it hard to type when you’re that tiny? Do you jump from key to key or do you have some kind of elaborate, fantastical typing machine you ride around in? Now I’m getting jealous. I too want to roll around on my keyboard… typing with my tiny treads.

  18. Kim Says:

    Actually my junk food consisted of S’mores today so I think that’s pretty cool! Don’t make fun!

  19. Miguel Says:

    Damn, Doug!
    Always getting better, right? keep going, some day you’ll reach 12 miles without a cardiac arrest, keep going.
    If you’re sore it’s always good to eat bananas, lots of them.
    All I did was going to school, Practicing my Kick boxing skills at my gym, and sitting here just to check your blog.

  20. Austin Says:

    Hey Doug,
    Congrats on the jog, and far greater congrats on Monster Zoo! Have you heard of tarsiers? They are the world’s smallest primate and would make phenomenal monsters. As for jogging motivation–steam powered automatons? C’mon, everyone knows the best running incentive is a pack of starved velociraptors.

  21. Neil Sulek Says:

    “Anyways, EIGHT MILES! What did you do today besides eat junk and sit at a computer reading my blog?”

    Run four miles.
    I’ll get there one day :). Eight miles is pretty epic.

  22. lifeat30fps Says:

    On the 26th, I was on my way back to my site from visiting my first host mom who’s now a widow when I had my wallet stolen on the Kiev Metro. In it were my Peace Corps passport, my Ministry of Foreign affairs documentation and even a little bit of money. I don’t know if it amounted to 8 miles or not, but I walked constantly pretty much from 9am til 8pm.

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