April 28, 2008

I exploded yet another set of earbuds on my tiny pocket radio. I leaned over and the wire slack looped around an unseen drawer knob. When I stood back up the wire jerked tight, so that the speakers lost power in both ears (usually the plug just comes out of the radio, but not this time).

Can any smart people tell me when we can have wireless power? That will be a real invention, not this iPod junk. Batteries were impressive 80 years ago, what have you invented for me lately?

Meanwhile, I’ve only needed to replace my pocket radio twice in ten years but I’ve been through about twenty sets of earphones. I use my iPod shuffle for two weeks and the left ear starts to crackle due to poor power connection inside the speaker. And because they’re APPLE brad headphones they cost five hundred million dollars a pair.


7 Responses to “Earbuds”

  1. Austin Says:

    So get some wireless headphones. Rechargeable, if batteries bother you.

    Bluetooth Headset + iPod Bluetooth Adapter and you’re golden.

  2. TenNapel Says:

    Aren’t those headphones all huge? I don’t to look like Ohura on Star Trek.

  3. Debbie Nystrom Says:

    or a borg

  4. Achoo Says:

    I have a huge problem with snagging my headphone chord on stuff too, Doug.. except fortunately instead of breaking my earbuds I just break my ears instead. They don’t even come out of my ears, they just stop me mid-step and yank me backwards.
    My only solution was to just thread all loose chords under my shirt so they’re less likely to hang slack. It also helps them not drag on the ground when I take them out temporarily, they hang easily in reach from the neck of my shirt. It also has the added advantage of being more waterproof, theft-proof, or if you want to freak people out and make them think you’re listening to imaginary music.
    Hope that helps.
    If you’re ever not wearing a shirt you can thread it under I suppose you can always adhere it to yourself with medical tape.

  5. Max Volume Says:

    I’ve had my shuffle for 3 years and haven’t had to replace the earbuds once. Very nice earbuds too, gives a little bass boost to everything and sits comfortably. Made by sony, forget the exact name but its was something like Sony Lowboost, or along those lines…

  6. SFarbo Says:

    Wireless power is in the works, but it’s for charging things, I’m not sure what can be done for your headphone perdicament.

    (wireless power – http://www.ecoupled.com )

  7. Gloria Says:

    Ugh, I hate it when that happens! I had a pair of over-the-ear-buds that were GREAT because they didn’t give me headaches or anything (regular headphones and regular earbuds do) but they got twisted, tangled, and yanked on too many times and now one of them doesn’t work. So now I’m back to over-the-ear phones which give me headaches. Bleh.

    You are SO right about how they need to make self-powered headphones that don’t weigh like 10 lbs.

    We can do everything else with that bluetooth business, why not earbuds?

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