Happy Birthday, America

July 4, 2008

I love my country.

This morning my children were gobbling breakfast as I told them what was great about this country:

We are born into freedom, a largely rare quality throughout the history of man.

I saw my healthy, happy kids just existing and it hit me on a much deeper level how this country is the most free in Earth’s long history…and it cost me nothing. I won the lottery. I just show up and I get to be a cartoonist, a Christian, a home-owner, a father and these are fortified with a cultural acceptance, even demand, of freedom unheard of until this country came along.

There is no danger of being hunted by the government for my beliefs (at least, for the time being), my children won’t be sold into slavery and I can expect about as long of a life as I could ever have. These aren’t accidents either, my life is the result of a group of moral, intelligent, rebels who sacrificed their lives to provide me with this freedom. It only cost the blood and bodies of great men is a half a dozen wars, a belief in God, reason and the Republic.

No other country has sacrificed so much to secure to freedom of other nations. No other country has paid more treasure to feed, house and secure people in other countries. No other country has had more patents, inventions, medical break-throughs, universities, missionaries, professional artists and home owners. Sure, we consume more than others, but we also create more products, services and information to consume than any other country in history.

I’m not ashamed for being lucky. I love it when others are lucky too. But I hate an ingrate. I’m allowed to be lucky but I’m not allowed to be ungrateful. Part of showing my gratitude is celebrating the birth of this nation, the greatest nation in Earth’s history.

I love America. I don’t love humanity, it’s too all-encompassing and includes way too many pricks for anyone to feel proud. Same with the “world community”. There’s no pride in being a member of the globe. Western civilization? Maybe, but then I’d have to include France and Canada. So I’ll stick with my identity as an America. I couldn’t be more proud than to be known as an American…hell, I’m not even a great American, I’m just the run of the mill.

Happy Birthday!


10 Responses to “Happy Birthday, America”

  1. Tommy C. Says:

    I say God Bless it.

  2. tom Says:

    thats a great post. every once in a while i reach a moment of clarity where i realize how lucky i am to live where i do (im in canada, which is more or less identical to the states) and how damn impressive my situation is, even though im just a middle class bum. even though i have hard days, or things happen to me i dont like, i just need to remind myself that there are undoubtely tens of thousands of people who would kill to have my life, and im humbled.

    but also, its actually south korea which puts out the most missionaries, oddly enough. i heard that in church one time.

  3. Tomes Says:

    Whats wrong with Canada? They’re like America Junior!
    Can’t wait till we finally reach space, then we’ll show all those aliens what America Power is all about!

  4. tennapel Says:

    Tom, South Korea does put out the most missionaries year to year, but we have sent the most total, which is significant given our country’s young age. BUt yeah, the top evangelical church growth is coming from South Korea and Africa. We used to send them missionaries and now they send them to America.

  5. Grapson Says:

    Great post! God bless you and your family. God bless America.

  6. Sam Says:

    Hello there Doug!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

    And that’s all. Enjoy it.

  7. Swanny Says:

    Actually, you are a great American Doug. You once lived in a very small town rural town and worked very hard to become who you are.

    You are THE example of what the “American Dream” is all about. God gave you talent, and you took that talent and increased it. You worked your butt off, sacrificed, and went through trials and have become a man that God can trust with His blessings. You honor your country and your God.

    That my friend is a true American. I salute you.

  8. Great post! my favorite bumper sticker “America: Love it or Leave it”…

    Fits this post well.

  9. Rose Says:

    Two issues here – you “get” to be a Christian. But the problem here is that most people in the US are Christian(whereas most in other countries would mulsim, hindu, etc. meaning that religion is a cultural trend, not personal belief, which is why I am somewhat spiritual and opposed to organised religion which I believe is anti-spiritual) so getting to follow the biggest trend is hardly a “freedom” – it’s the like “religious freedom” of Muslim women wearing headscarves, which is rubbish, it’s sexist oppression. It’s difficult to know whether you genuinely believe in what you do or whether you’ve inhereted it from a charistmatic preacher looking to turn you, who succeeded. Ideas travel like viruses(not just religion). And even where there is no one leader or highest preacher, a Stand Alone Complex, copycats often without an original, or with a misinterpreted original, occur.

    Secondly there ARE people who are treated unfairly because of their beliefs. You are not witch hunted for your beliefs because they’re mostly common as muck, no offense. Not only that, it’s not “the Government” that does most of the oppression. It’s other people, thanks to social trends. That’s one thing people for “small government” need to realise – humans have a dualist nature between free thinker and herd animal, and sooner or later someone is going to appeal to the herd animal instinct. This is where organised religion and most political viewpoints come from. Even without a government at all, you’d still get something resembling them. You can’t stop people from inflicting a false sense of order on people.

    Organised chaos is the way to go.

  10. John Says:

    m”oral, intelligent, rebels who sacrificed their lives to provide me with this freedom”

    slave-owning, promiscuous jerks who didn’t want to pay taxes to England. Half of them weren’t even Christians.

    America no longer has the “most freedoms” of any country.

    Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden all have more freedoms than Americans. And they aren’t being spied on by their Government.

    and I’m not proud of being the #1 country for sending out missionaries. Forcing religion on other people is rather, anti-freedom isn’t it?

    “No other country has sacrificed so much to secure to freedom of other nations.”

    We performed hostile take-overs of Hawaii, Texas, and on that note, we stole this country from the Native-Americans, by whole-sale slaughter and exile.

    “the greatest nation in Earth’s history.”
    This is WAY too subjective, and downright just asinine to state.

    “I don’t love humanity”

    wow. if you don’t include humanity because it includes “way too many pricks for anyone to feel proud” You could say the same thing about America.

    I’ve traveled to Greece, China, India and Japan, and I’ve always received warm welcomes from their natives. I have lots of friends and colleagues who travel and they rarely ever meet more than a bad egg or two.

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