San Diego Comicon 08

July 22, 2008

It’s that time of the year again. I’ve been almost every year for the last 19 years. Scary.

I’m at booth 1013 selling books, posters and meeting nice folks.

We’re releasing my new sci-fi, kung-fu, comedy short SOCKBABY 4! It premieres at the Comicon on Sunday from 2:45-3:45 in Room 6A. We’re having a panel with my co-director John Soares, and other talents including Dan Heder, Jon Heder and Rob Schrab.

For more info on Sockbaby check out:


6 Responses to “San Diego Comicon 08”

  1. AwwwBucketHead Says:

    Selling stuff at ComicCon always made me nervous, I felt like a piece of meat while people walk up and down the aisle and eyeball you.

  2. tennapel Says:

    Well, it is a place for business. I end up spending a lot of time pitching, selling, meeting…it’s very “piece of meaty”. That’s the side of the arts the creatives have a hard time accepting though we all want to get paid. It’s a business.

  3. Barabbas Says:

    Hello – are we gonna get a full SB4 download soon or what?

  4. Achoo Says:

    After it premiers.. duh.

    I assume.

  5. TimBaron Says:

    Sockbaby 4 rocks. My favorite part was the Heaven sequence and the lung animation.

  6. I helped Doug last year of 2008 at the con, he showed me some of the ropes, and properly handling his money, plus I went for a second day for the first time. I went to see Sockbaby and read Monster Zoo and it rocked my world. Took some photos of the cast great guys, even met Rob Schrab who admired since fourth grade. I deffinately go again this year this time I will do cosplay.

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