September 4, 2008

This is what happens when the press awoke the sleeping dragon-lady. And there was never a more graceful lovely dismantling of elite media in my lifetime. This is not McCain vs. Obama, it’s the Obama wing of the media against soccer-mom America…and the media doesn’t have a chance.

These are the new battle-grounds and I love how journalism just got their candidate’s head handed back to them on a platter. Don’t jack with momma bear’s cubs.

Style – 0
Substance – 1

The funny is that half of the Republicans in the room didn’t understand that when McPalin cleans up politics a whole mess of that cheering room is going to get their own pork-packed Republican heads handed back to them on a spit. Keep cheering guys.


43 Responses to “McPalin”

  1. AwwwBucketHead Says:

    This post made no sense. It’s rambling that is so vague I’d have to be in your living room to understand what you’re referring too. Do you babble at your kids like this? You must be the crazy dad at the PTA meeting, the one who wants to burn the biology books.

  2. TenNapel Says:

    I’ll try to use smaller words next time, Bucket.

  3. Matt_L Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if BucketHead is just you Doug, doing your best bitter liberal puppet impression. Brilliant!

  4. tennapel Says:

    Like Evil Jim Kirk.

    I’m a little insulted that Buckethead is my evil opposite. I always thought the me in the other dimension would be a better thinker.

    …and “bitter, liberal, puppet impression” is redundant.

  5. Joel Says:

    Buckethead, if you didn’t understand the post, the problem isn’t Doug, but yours. =| At least, I found it simple to understand as I only read it once….no offence is meant, but I’m just simply saying that maybe a second read might clarify it if it wasn’t clear the first time.

  6. me? Says:

    You get the certificate of redundancy certificate.

  7. AwwwBucketHead Says:

    Doug and I share a special bond, I can feel it through the intertubes. His art and books made me happy I had found out about him, yet his political agenda makes me weep. Is it love/hate?

  8. tennapel Says:

    It’s tolerance. The more opposite we are, the more tolerant we are. I cherish my readership who oppose me, I think it’s rare and generous. If it helps at all, I have to buy art from people who 99% of time don’t agree with me.

  9. Azz Says:

    Yeah…I wanted to understand this one too but got lost somewhere along the way.

    ?? what happened? What did McPalin do?

  10. tennapel Says:

    Sorry, Azz, I didn’t think of my Aussie audience. Probably pretty cryptic.

    McCain picked a woman, Palin as his VP nomination. The press went after her for being a working mother of 5 with a “special needs (Down’s Syndrom)” kid and her oldest daughter is pregnant. The press hammered Palin so hard that all eyes were on her for the Republican convention, and when she spoke, it brought the house down. Her speech was more watched than Obama’s and she completely humiliated him.

    McCain/Palin are running as “reformers” though the same party as Bush. They have a track record of nailing corrupt politicians who spend too much so half of the Republicans cheering them on didn’t realize that they’re in just as much trouble as the Democrats.

    That help?

  11. dogma_addict Says:

    I wish I shared your enthusiasm, Doug. I’m not entirely sure this isn’t just another Turd Sandwich/Giant Douche matchup.

  12. Frederik Says:

    Doug your believes are about as contradicting with mine as it is possible.
    And damn would I like to have a prober discussion with you regarding it all XD.

    The funny thing is though, that although we are so different, I still fucking love your comics, (and they way I really feel like having a serious discussion with you about some the themes :D). and I thank you for inspiring a young kid back in the nineteens, with a certain earthworm of yours, to get me into comics. I owe you so much for me being where I am now, with my own army of loony characters.

    And if I could ask you just one more thing, it would be to vote for Obama, I don’t live in USA myself, but I would seriously fear for the rest of the world, if McPalin where to control the most powerfull nation in the world.

  13. Nick Says:

    What planet are you living on? Planet McCain?

    Here is a newsflash for you: politicians often lie about themselves to help their image. Palin was mired in corruption and cronyism throughout her mayoral and gubernatorial career, and McCain got in bed with many washington Lobbyists (keating 5 ring a bell?) They’re definitely no reformers, just more of the same far-right politicians that we’ve had for the past 8 years.

  14. KRUZ8ER Says:

    Vote Action NOT Words….. Vote McCain-Palin 08

    Obama is the ultimate panderer and the liberal elite media is his hub for pandering. And the Obama-bots are the ones eating the BS he’s squirting out from his mouthass. Believe THAT!

  15. Andrew Says:

    I just don’t understand how Mrs. Palin can be asked what the Vice President does, and she responds with a completely unconstitutional (and frankly, ignorant) answer about the VP is “in charge of the Senate…”

    NOPE. The Constitution reads, “The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided.”

    Is this just fer folksy charm, or her folksy ignorance? I don’t know.

    Seeing Russia from Alaska covers her foreign policy experience? Gosh, she’s cute. You betcha she’d be a great Vice President!

    Another thing I don’t understand is this “Liberal Elite Media”… Does that include FOX News, the Drudge Report, A.M. Radio as we know it? I guess reporting on shit like abuse at Guantanamo is something only a liberal might do. Those commies!

    One last question for Doug and friends: Why couldn’t we impeach President Bush for lying about the reasons for war (nukes never found, iraq connected to 9/11, etc.) and yet President Clinton lies about a blowjob and we want him gone? I mean, nearly 200,000 total deaths in Iraq are documented from 2003 – 2008 (civilian, coalition, american). Why aren’t you angry over this? You guys complain about big government… I think spending 600 Billion on a BS war is pretty big myself.

  16. tennapel Says:

    Andrew, while I’d love to defend great statesmen like Bush and Palin, neither is running for president.

    The “Liberal Elite Media” is redundant. Just realize that whatever you think about Palin and Bush is in 100% agreement with 90% of those who run big media. Your positions on Bush are indiscernible from those of every editor at the Times, the head of news rooms at NBC, CNN etc.

    I get my values from a different place than pop culture, what is fed to me by broadcast news, the leftist university, and my vote reflects that. Where do you get your values from?

  17. Frederik Says:

    Doug, sorry but to me, that’s a lame argument, unless you back it up with who your sources are, obviously the media turns everything round a thousand times, but it works both ways, the “lefties” aren’t the only once to play with reality ;)

    And by the way, this does, in every single way, support everything that has been said about Palin, she is, in no way fit for a post as vice president…

  18. tennapel Says:

    You didn’t say what was lame about the argument. If it’s that I didn’t back it up with sources then can we dismiss your sourceless argument as just as lame? Look up the simple Pew Research Poll where journalists are five times more likely to identify themselves as liberal compared to conservative. Compare that to 50% of the general population and you have a media that is far more in the tank for libs and cons.

    And if you’re right that “the media turns everything around a thousand times” then you’re admitting my point. That media will push a world view and that a media made up of 90% liberals will feed us that world view most of the time. If a conservative media are pushing and lying, that effect will register in the population 10% of the time, while the liberals will be seen 90% of the time.

    Obama and McCain are evenly split 50/50 among a generally conservative public. The media has likely given Obama about 12 points…that’s what one journalist said of Kerry in the last election and it’s only gotten worse.

    Frederik, the idea that you think a prank disqualifies a person for leadership is really weird. It tells me how skewed your standards are in general. Are you saying that Biden wouldn’t fall for a prank? But like I said, Palin isn’t running for president, though she’s more experienced than Obama, and not as wrong in foreign policy as Biden.

    Anyways, maybe try coming up something else, like something grounded in fact or reason instead of repeating the Keith Oberman talking points.

  19. Frederik Says:

    Sure don’t hope my reply sounded harder than intended.

    And glad to see some number to back up your statement, exactly what I meant by my comment.

    It is just the fact, that she is to be one of the persons leading your country, and she doesn’t even wonder why he calls her, sorry but you have got to admit, that does not support her case, and it is hilarious.

    And about Biden, unfortunately that very much backs up your argument, given the fact that here were I am from, I’ll bet most people, my age doesn’t even know who he is :-\

    And all in all, I am probably as I said earlier, the exact opposite of you, I come from a very different country than America, and I mean very very different. And I do also believe that my whole world is screwed together different than yours, in terms of religion, politics, etc. which I think is basically what our disagreement is based on. And every time I turn on the TV and sees or hear about McCain and Palin, it.. well everything is just so far from what I believe in. The whole offshore drilling thing alone, makes me really pissed, yeah yeah, I know, I am a hippie :)

    Peace Doug ;)
    A great fan.

  20. tennapel Says:

    Palin has reason not to wonder why he would call her…and you can tell by the tone of her voice that she isn’t sure what’s going on. You’d consider her an idiot even if the real guy called her and she said, “Excuse me, is this a prank?” It may not support her case, but it certainly doesn’t count against her (unless you already had it out for her).

    The reason why most people your age don’t know who Biden is or how utterly dangerous he would be for this country is because of the media. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The ONLY way that a lack of Biden can be out there while a presence of Palin getting pranked by a Canadian radio show is in our culture right now is because of a group of people who want Obama to win and McCain to lose. That’s propaganda at work.

    I admire you for seeing that we are participants in our culture’s bias. You’ll see certain things on TV and even your revulsion to offshore drilling is not likely from first-hand knowledge. For instance (and I have no idea if this is true, I’m just using it as an expample) would you be against offshore drilling if the press 24/7 told you that it was safe, that no animals are harmed the way it is done in modernity, that we have massive deposits of oil just offshore that is cheaper to get than buying it from our worst enemies?

    You’d probably be less of a hippie if you got your information from sources that weren’t hostile to off shore drilling, no? I get mine from both. That is, I already get massive lefty biased information from popular culture, then I go out and do my own research and find that the counter point has really sound arguments going for it. The media, more times than not, has completely lied to me about the most important things.

  21. Frederik Says:

    No Doug, you know why I am against offshore drilling? It is because it proves just how little McCain knows about the world, if there is something I know something about it is nature and science. I am monster critical to anything I hear in the media, regarding these subjects. By starting offshore drillings, McCain choses the easy solution, and polutes the world more than we already done, instead of taking a more long-term solution, like putting money into developing an alternative to fossil fuel. It is like giving the man a fish, instead of teaching him how to fish. This to me, is a sign of sheer ignorance, we do only have one earth, and we should take good care of it, and we aren’t the only ones one this earth.

  22. tennapel Says:

    You’ve just demonstrated that you know little of nature and science when it comes to drilling. So maybe you can tell me what is unique about what you just came up with that is not repeated by media or mainstream culture. What is it about your knowledge of science and nature that tells you technology that we haven’t produced, used, fiscally figured out is better than “the easy solution”? We have a far better grasp of safety due to our experience in drilling than we do in producing solar cells.

    I think you should have a better understanding of the phrase “sign of sheer ignorance” before you use it with such sheer ignorance. But thanks for posting, you seem a nice guy.

  23. Frederik Says:

    Know, you might not know this, but fossil fuels, when burned, causes acid rain, which, causes damage to nature, like opening the stomas ( – in case you do not know what it is) of plants, causing them to dry out, and makes the acid levels in lakes reach levels higher than what many animals can live in, therefore you might have seen plains dropping calcium (a base) into lakes, to prevent neutralise the acids. So by using fossil fuels, you are damaging the entire ecosystem (yeah I obviously use them as well). All this can be proven by extremely simple experiment, and by simple understanding of chemistry.

    And I bet you it would not take long for some smart heads to figure out an alternative, but you know, oil = money, so really no government have any interest in developing these solutions.

    So therefore, whit my knowledge about nature, and science which I’ll bet you is far beyond what McCain knows. I fell I am in my full right to call it an act of ignorance. Furthermore, from what I know, the place he decided to dig, was a preserved area, which just makes it even worse.

    And then there is the whole thing about holes in the ozonelayer.

    And if you believe in it, global warming.

    And sorry if I sound a bit harsh, no hard feelings towards you as a person, this is just a subject that deeply concerns me.

  24. tennapel Says:

    So if you’re against Stomas you’re against burning ALL fossil fuels, not so much drilling offshore. Let’s be clear, you want to stop the combustion engine, coal burning, keeping your house warm, jets flying through the air, even while you use every form of fossil fuel.

    If you want to compare chemistry to chemistry simply compare America’s chemistry to any third world consumer of fossil fuels. There’s no comparison, America is the cleanest nation given what we consume and we provide food, police work, technology, prosperity, longevity of life, medicine and knowledge to those same countries that “consume less”. We are rich enough to even afford to have this argument, which eludes whatever science you claim. Green policies have killed far more than Stomas ever could.

    Oil = money. Green policy = money. The equation of money as evil may work among the Marxist set, but it doesn’t work so well on me. Oil’s money is simply a testimony to how well oil works for everyone. It keeps the hospitals working even while the smart heads take 40 years to find the alternative. And ALL of the alternatives are discovered by tech of this oil-consuming culture.

    Our government used to believe that you can’t establish a national faith, but Green solutions are entirely built on faith, not business, which is why no government should be for developing solutions outside of providing a better business model to prosper and expand this good republic.

    You can call anything you want ignorant. I’m not arguing with your right to do so, I’m only saying that it’s name calling because you’ve yet to site or represent one fact that call’s McCain’s knowledge into question. McCain has a crew of scientists, and frankly, he’s a lot more green than me. So I guess you’re right that he’s generally ignorant about the truth of the Global Warming Faith.

    Holes in the ozone is the Late Great Planet Earth of environmental apocalyptic imagery. I’m not a man of faith, so you’ll have to excuse my skepticism until unbiased scientific data is collected and presented. You can’t have a solution until you know the problem.

  25. Frederik Says:

    I would like to know just exactly how green policy and alternative energy sources kills the nature? Back up your numbers, and I want unbiased evidence. ;)

    And to your last sentence: I know perfectly well what the problem is, fossil fuel, and putting nature aside.
    Solution: put some money into developing alternatives. I know for sure the solution isn’t digging for more oil, in a preserved area.

  26. Frederik Says:

    Sorry, forgot to say, I’ll bet you that America is not the cleanest country in this manner. What does the average American car consume of fuel, compared to a European car? I’d like to see some numbers to back up this statement.

  27. tennapel Says:

    “I would like to know just exactly how green policy and alternative energy sources kills the nature? Back up your numbers, and I want unbiased evidence. ;)”

    For starters, you only get alternative technology from countries that excel at killing nature, like America. The way to green policy has been THROUGH oil production not around it or over it.
    Besides, my argument isn’t so much that green hysteria kills nature but that it kills PEOPLE.

    Not putting nature aside has a cost in human lives. I don’t disagree with the idea of putting money into alternatives, but we want them to be marketably sound, not shoved down our throats by world governments who frankly, have a bigger interest in removing America’s sovereignty from the world than they care about green anything.

    We’ve had access to clean, safe nuclear energy for a generation and greenies reject it…though we’re supposed to immitate France to gain favor in the global community. But the greens reject nuclear production because it doesn’t properly neuter their real enemy…capitalism. What are the anti-capitalists going to do when Exxon, Mobil and Halliburton become the top producers of wind energy, solar cells, bio fuels etc.? I’ll give you ooooooone guess.

    America’s cars are easily the biggest polluters, but our country produces even more capital that holds up markets and economies around the world. That’s OUR technology helping THEIR billions dying of AIDS. It was built on the back of a capitalist system of government free competition and enterprise that is about to get dismantled at the government level. Be careful what you wish for because you and I aren’t going to be killed over green hysteria…that kid who needs his swamp sprayed with DDT to prevent Malaria is one who’s going to eat it…I mean dying by the tens of millions. That’s not flooding the polar bears some day, that’s 50 million killed today thanks to rich, ignorant do-gooders in the West.

  28. Frederik Says:

    What you are talking about then is extremists? I am against anything that include violence, burning down buildings etc. so that argument won’t work :-\
    And I would also like to point out that I am not totally against the use of fossile fuel, I know you can’t find an alternative by snapping your fingers, but you should always look for a better alternative.

    Nuclear power you say? Have you heard about atom waste? Tchernobyl, the fact that a power plant have to say untouched for 500 hundred years, because of radioactivity levels. You know in Finland the fells in which the atomic waste is being held are collapsing, because of the hole in which it is put.

    They really have to improve nuclear power to get my vote.

    And what again was the problem with anyone producing solar cells, wind energy etc.? Sounds good to me. If oil companies turned to make green energy instead, I’d be a happy man ;)

    And I’ll try to get my hands on a dead on chemical reaction, proving that the ozone layer is being ruined by pollution.

    And in the end, if we don’t start spending money on green energy, we won’t have a earth left for the next generations.

  29. Frederik Says:

    Sorry Doug my bad, just remembered the ozone layer is not damaged by fossil fuel, but by gasses from refrigerators, and deodorants. So it might no be very relevant to this discussion, though I’ll still try to get my hands on the chemical reaction which causes it.

  30. tennapel Says:

    The ozone scare is typical of the bad science we’re getting on the environment. I was raised in public schools that scared a generation of kids about the ozone, how our skin would boil if we walked outside by the time we graduated college etc. It’s junk science.

    The latest theory on the ozone is that it’s a naturally occurring oscillating thinness that can squish and move around. It’s not likely tied to deodorants at all, but it’s a perfect example of how Big Green can be a viable market presence. Companies went green before the government made them and created a whole line of technology that made shelves of deodorants operate without spraying. Capitalism did what the government couldn’t do, and it was done in a way that you didn’t have to pay 14 dollars for an inferior Speed Stick.

  31. Frederik Says:

    Hmm… it is funny then, that is is illegal to sell product which contains those gasses, CFCs, HCFCs, Halons, Methyl bromide etc.

    And NASA confirms it aswell: www.

    As you might see, the hole is about the size of USA, so this is quite a serious matter.

    I do understand why you don’t believe global warming is man made, you know Steven Hawking came with a good line once on the subject, something like it was giving mankind a little to much credit, to give them the responsibility of global warming. My own personal belief on this subject, is that it is a natrual thing, while I do believe man is contributing to it, I’ve seen the evidence (taking about the science behind it), so I still think it is a serious matter, and that one should try to keep the CO2 pollution down.

  32. tennapel Says:

    I think we’re on the page with this one. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, or that it’s not man made. I’m saying that the science is split on this and it’s been completely politicized and made into mass hysteria by media. I’m once bitten twice shy on Global Warming. So in the meanwhile, I hope we don’t dismantle capitalism on a global scale to deal with what might not be a problem.

    The law of unintended consequences tells me we could actually make the problem much worse by jacking capitalism.

  33. Frederik Says:

    Well glad to hear that we at some point actually agree, would never have thought that from how this discussion started. :)

    So now it seams the question is about priorities then, and my priorities are the upperset of yours it seams, so I don’t think we’ll come to much agreement on that here.

    And I’d still vote for a “leftie” as you call them though had Barak lived in Denmark he’d be considered a right winged person XD. Rather then a “rightie” any time, and I’ll bet you do it the other way around.

    But anyway, thanks for the great discussion, always enjoy discussing where you end up kind of agreeing on something, when coming from two totally different sites.
    I think I’ve learned something new, or at least been giving some insight, and all in all I just find it totally awesome that I just had a discussion with Doug Tennepel himself. ;) (though we don’t agree on much regarding politics)

    Best regards Doug,

  34. tennapel Says:

    Marx would be considered on the right in Denmark.

  35. SRS Says:

    tennapel Says: “Oil’s money is simply a testimony to how well oil works for everyone. It keeps the hospitals working even while the smart heads take 40 years to find the alternative. And ALL of the alternatives are discovered by tech of this oil-consuming culture.”

    Any evolutionary process dictates that you have to spend some time in state A before moving on to a superior state B. The fact that we must burn oil today to develop alternative energy sources is certainly a testament to the utility of oil, but not it’s superiority.

    tennapel Says: “We’ve had access to clean, safe nuclear energy for a generation and greenies reject it”

    Step back in time and look at what choked-off the expansion of nuclear power in the United States. It was right at 1979 that engineering change orders started flooding the offices of power engineers across the country, all due to mass hysteria caused by the 3 Mile Island incident. Though the “greenies” stand side-opposite to nuclear development today, general conservative paranoia which permeates American thought is the strongest force against nuclear development today.

  36. dale Says:

    Just a point on the ozone hole, I live in New Zealand and its right over our heads. It may not make your skin boil but long term exposure will give you cancer no doubt about that.
    It may not be man-made, (could have been volcanos) it could have existed for a very long time,(and that would explain why indigious people have darker skin in the southern hemisphere, because the sun nuked all the whites) but man-made chemicals are making it worse.

  37. Doug, its too bad Gov. Palin won’t be working with McCain as President.

    I look on the bright side though, as an Alaskan. We have our Governor back, and we are a state on the forefront of the energy issues and we have a budget that isn’t in the red (yet). This is not the last the world will see of Sarah Palin, I believe she will revive and re-center the Republican Party (similar to Regan) or be a viable third party candidate in the future (think Moose Party “Teddy” Roosevelt) who’s influence will re-center the Republicans.

    It was great to watch the Press and Obama get thrown off balance for about three weeks because they knew nothing about Gov. Palin. Beyond ANWR, the liberal media has no working knowledge of the vast STRATEGIC importance of Alaska. No clue why we have the military resources located here, or the mentality of Alaskan politics that is far more Conservative Libertarian than most places in the country. Our Air National Guard intercepts and tracks Russian TU-95 Bear bombers once again, and provides the re-fueling point for the closest part of the US to the powder keg that is the Korean Peninsula. Our State budget is just about run off of oil revenues and therefore requires no income tax state wide (local areas differ, with towns and cities using property tax and sales tax).

    I should also mention, its getting colder once again. The ozone layer is thin at the poles just like the ionosphere and the rest of the atmosphere (and that thin ionosphere results in the Auroras that Dale should be familiar with). Polar ice actually is getting thicker, and 2007/2008 are some of the coldest years on record since the age of instrumentation (dale, check out my environmental reading list on… Some inconvenient facts for the Global Warming alarmist crowd…).

  38. H. Krinkle Says:

    Palin was chosen as a tactic to pander to the clinton audience, and there literally is no argument otherwise. Her only accomplishment as governor for the past year was passing up a meeting on what to do with Alaska’s stimulus money (whish she didn’t vote for), to attend an anti choice rally in Iowa just to smile in front of cameras, and rally her ailing base. If you want to talk about substance, how about talking about that, or anything she has actually done, other than act ignorant. She embodies the anti intellectual party that is the republican 09 party. The party which attacks president obama’s patriotism, when pailin’s own husband was part of a group which rallied for the succession of Alaska from the united states. Its this idea of holding a tea party protest for taxes, when anyone in the protest making under a quarter million a year, will have their taxes cut, and even those who’s taxes are raised will be taxed less than the poor was under Reagan. Not to mention none of them would have ever heard of taxation without representation. But the point is you don’t want to hear this do you. the point is you want to believe that an ignorant anti-intellectual is the best person to lead this country, because you want to believe this country is by nature ignorant, and therefore who better to lead. And then no one will ever have to lift their noses from the mud. But your wrong, in November your entire belief system was proven wrong. Its time for all of us to evolve just a little and try to see the world for the way it is. For the record, I am not a liberal, until the 08 election I would have considered myself a moderate conservative, who owns more guns than shoes. And if anyone read this, I appreciate your time.

  39. Seth Says:

    So, how exactly is it you manage to rail against “people buying everything the LIEberal ELITIST EGGHEAD MEDIA” tells them and yet you are literally a walking caricature of every Hannity/Limbaugh talking point from the last, geez, forever?

    Is your problem with people blindly following what they’re told, or people not blindly following the thing you want them to blindly follow? I think you’re really kind of approaching this from a position of wanting to have your cake and eat it, too.

    Tennapel, please name one substantive difference between yourself and a right-wing pundit of your choice, because I’m really not seeing any and it’s honestly pretty silly to blindly follow what one side preaches and rail against people who you perceive as blindly following what the other side (which you just so happen to be extremely biased against) is preaching?

    P.S. No bullshit copouts like “I don’t think Hannity wants to give ENOUGH tax breaks to the rich!”. I’m talking real, substantial differences.

  40. Seth Says:

    Furthermore, it’s pretty funny that you just hate, hate, HATE abortion and yet your attitude towards people who were actually, y’know, BORN is pretty much “if they can’t claw and scratch their way through a system that stands to gain more if they DON’T “make it” than if they do, fuck ’em”.

    I guess it’s a lot easier to want to love and coddle a fetus, since (due to the leftward progression of society in the last century) they haven’t grown up into someone who will probably think your draconian, authoritarian views on pretty much every issue are disgusting.

    Culture of life, indeed. Haha.

    Please justify wanting to protect the poor widdle innocent fetuses because they’re special little snowflakes that God himself made with his own two hands and wanting poor, old and/or sick people to die in the gutter if it means more money for the upper crust.

    (that being said assuming you’re against any sort of social safety net for the poor, old and sick since, by definition, said safety net would be GODLESS COMMIE SOCIALISM)

  41. Seth Says:

    Jesus would have hated capitalism. Peace, y’all. I’m outtie.

  42. MK Says:

    Reading these comments now is probably the funniest thing I’ve read all year. From claims that the media will lose to Palin (that intellectual giant) to the referring of off-shore drilling as totally safe and perfect (you should let BP know about that, I don’t think they got that memo) to the guy from Alaska saying how great it was to have his Governor back (too bad Facebook isn’t an officially recognized state)! These comments really have it all. Who could have possibly predicted that conservatives and Palin would be so ridiculously wrong about everything? Oh right, me. But then, I actually study politics rather than just listen to bloated gasbags on talk radio.

    • tennapel Says:

      But the media did lose to Palin. Look at the strength and influence of the tea party movement. It was born of people talking against the media narrative. Independents flipped sure fire Democratic seats even in locks like the Ted Kennedy seat won by Scott Brown. Palin didn’t do it by being an intellectual giant, it’s Intellectual Giantism with no empathy for the common American that caused her opponents to fall.

      Off shore drilling is still safe, just not 800 miles out like the lefties want it. The clouds of oil bubbling up from the earth put to shame a long standing paranoid idea from the left that we’ll run out of oil in just a few years so we have to build inefficient, expensive, stupid win harvesters. You proved we needed to drill when you turned on your computer and drove your car today.

      You actually sound like someone who studies politics. It sounds like your getting a unique, well-rounded, sensible point of view from your studies.

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