Training for a Half Marathon

September 6, 2008

It’s true. It’s official. I’m going to run the Pasadena half marathon. It’s actually a Marathon, half marathon and 5k but I’m only doing the half.

I find that I do a lot better at something if I make it into some kind of competition. I have to have a goal, and it has to be hard but within the realm of possibility, which is why I’m not running the marathon.

I once did a half marathon…in San Diego…ahem, twenty years ago. My goal is the same as it was then, to just run the whole thing without stopping. That’ll be 13.1 miles and my longest run this year has been 8 miles.


12 Responses to “Training for a Half Marathon”

  1. Braam K Says:

    Good luck Doug. My dad is also a long distance runner. I want to do a marathon with him someday but ah, heck. I’m really unfit. Got to stop being so lazy.

  2. lemm Says:

    Good luck Doug.

  3. Bob McGowan Says:

    They say the difference between a goal and a dream is that you set a date for the goal. Congratulations on picking an achievable, significant goal and telling everyone about it. It looks like you have about 10 weeks to train so I would find a good half-marathon training program and stick with it. Try Runners World for starts. Make sure you have good shoes and don’t increase your mileage more than 10% per week. Since you live nearby I would also run part of the course a couple of times especially if there are any tough hills. It helps to prepare you mentally. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well.

  4. tennapel Says:

    Thanks Bob. I’ve studied two online training programs and a friend of mine (Mike Dietz) is a killer runner and gave me one I’m sticking with.

    I need to buy some new shoes so their broken in by the big day.

    I’ve also printed out a map of the half Marathon and jogged the first leg like you said. I want really train around the end, so when I get to it I’ll know the area.

    I did a 6 this morning and felt pretty good. 8 is the most I’ve done this year so we’ll see if I can pass that in my training in the next few weeks.

  5. Bob McGowan Says:

    Sounds good Doug. That’s exactly right about the end of the race. Those last miles really drag and if you don’t know the course it makes it even longer. Make sure you take some fluids too. You can run 6 or even 8 miles without taking in some water but you’re going to need something for 13 miles. Some folks say drink water for the first hour and whatever sports drink they offer after that. I always take something at every water station and I alternate between water and sports drink. Don’t try to drink while you’re still running unless you’ve practised that. You’ll spill half of it and probably choke yourself too.

  6. Neil Says:

    I run every day at 6am and you’re putting me to shame, Doug. I need to hop on the 6mi-per-stint bandwagon. Dang you and your positive influences.

  7. Neil Says:

    oh, and you probably already know this, but make sure you get the special running synthetic socks. Usually I just run in plain ol’ cotton socks since I don’t go more than 3-4 miles, but once when I ran a 10K, I came away with a rather hideous blister and lots of pain. Just a heads up.

  8. tennapel Says:

    I’ll give those a try Neil.

  9. Matt_L Says:

    Best of luck Doug. My doughy civilian body recoils at the thought of running for that long. I found that running 10 miles on an elliptical and running any amount of miles on the boardwalk are two vastly different things once impact comes into play.

    I salute you sir.

  10. Doug!

    Great news! This’ll be a snap for you…are you using Hal Higdon’s training schedule? Amazing stuff…Higdon states if you can run three miles you can do a half marathon.

    The first run I ever did in my life was a half here in Milwaukee. Did the training, went out, bought a running outfit, shoes, a new iPod, loaded it up with energetic tunes – and when the race began, I never turned it on.

    Got lost in the run.

    It was perfect and beautiful and amazing, and you’re gonna love it.

    Best of luck man!

  11. GF Founder Says:

    Half a cheer for Marathon-Man .. “Hip-Hip-Hoo”

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