9/11 after 7 years

September 11, 2008

My brother woke me with a phone call, “Doug, something is going on in New York. A plane hit the World Trade Center.” I turned on the TV and the second plane had just hit. “What the hell’s going on?”

Our greatest threat was revealed on that day. Not Climate Change. Not Europe’s perception of us. But a religiously motivated totalitarian regime. They did it with box-cutters. My hero, the President of the United States, has thwarted hundreds of attacks since then. I don’t think any of us could imagine a world where we wouldn’t be hit for seven years. I’m thankful. If Obama gets into office I will praise him til’ my dying day if he too, keeps us from being hit for another 8 years.

I’ll never forget the men and women in business attire leaping from the burning buildings because jumping was preferred to burning to death in an inferno.

We rallied together, behind a common flag to fight this enemy. Now when I look at a flag it has a different meaning to me. I used to love it because it represented America, now I love it because it represents an awakened America. We put flags on our houses again, on our cars, we waved them in the streets. When we were hit by enemies we didn’t cower, we got out our flags and showed the world we were united.

Then we forgot.


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  1. lemm Says:

    I remember exactly where I was, and how it felt…it was crushing…
    It’s hard for me to talk about it, that’s all…I get upset because I remember.

  2. tennapel Says:

    you’re one of the “smart, clean” Brits. We’ll forgive the other 33% who are Truther/crazies:


    Check out our ally, Turkey. Jeez!

  3. lemm Says:

    I’ve put a flag on your forum in the top right. There you go, Doug. Cheer up. :)

  4. tennapel Says:

    And that’s why you’re the coolest web-master on either side of the pond. Sorry about the Revolutionary war and all.

  5. Luke S. Says:

    I’ve always felt an odd disconnection from the attacks, not because of any political reasons (I firmly believe that it was the work of evil, cowardly fanatics and not from anyone in our government.) It’s one of those depressions where you want the tears to come, but they never do. But today it was cold and rainy, and I listened to a talk radio interview with a reporter and cameraman who were right at the base of the building when it fell. They told their stories of the people who leapt that 1000 ft. and for the first time I cried. Just openly wept while in my car, and it felt so calming. I truly feel blessed by the country we live in and am just amazed at the solidarity with which we acted and continue to act with.

  6. lemm Says:

    Lol. No problem. ;)

  7. M Says:

    I was in 6th grade at that time, I really didn’t know what to think then, and I certainly didn’t feel panic or fear, oddly enough.

    If there is ever going to be an apocalypse, it’ll be wrought by our own hands.

  8. mjpuzzlemom Says:

    I remember. I went into the shower, all was right in the world. I cam out and the the world was turned upside down.

    It does seem the world has forgotten.


  9. BRENT Says:

    first year in college. i was sitting in my parents basement in my underwear about to go job hunting. my mom yells from upstairs “they’ve bombed the white house”. i turned on the tv to see the towers burning.

    yesterday morning i got really caught up in the replay of msnbc’s footage of that morning. i was sitting there waiting on the towers to fall, and finally one did. but the people covering it didn’t even notice. after seeing all the smoke one of them said something like “i think a large amount of debris just fell off the second tower”. they rewound it to view it again, and you could clearly see the blue sky peeking through the smoke where the tower once stood, but they continued to say a chunk of debris had fallen off. finally after 10 minutes one of them finally realized it was gone. i don’t think we were ready to accept the tragedy that had occurred. and in some ways, i still think we’re looking at that puff of smoke and believing that behind it, everything is okay.

  10. Ian Says:

    What I remember most was thinking “the usual way I deal with things like this is not going to work this time”. Which is to say, I have a pretty dark sense of humor, but it’s really just a coping mechanism- tell a joke to release stress, I know I’m not alone in this trait. But 9/11 was the first time I realized that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, was going to put up with jokes, no matter how cathartic they might be for anyone. So I wrote down what came to mind and hid it away in a filing cabinet, saying to myself “maybe in 20 years”.

  11. Will Says:

    The only thing I really remember is being terrified that my dad had been killed… I was In 2nd grade, so I was thinking straight. Although, before they said anything about the pentagon, I was only worried about the fact that we weren’t allowed out for recess….
    But people seem to have moved on which truthfully amazes me. I’m still partially reealing. How can they forget?

  12. Dave Says:

    There is no “Taliban”. They are just farmers and peasants trying to fight off batshit crazy oil hungry radicals like you guys so they can stay living in their homes growing their millet.

    They’re not insane because they hate our consumerist culture — they’re right — we’re destroying the planet to have Shrek bobbleheads.

    God bless America and God bless George W. Bush for stealing our rights and freedoms to rid the world of a false enemy!

  13. Jim Says:

    Stealin our freedoms? Like what? OHHHHH The Patriot Act! ZOMG its liek that buk 1884!!!!1

    Those “farmers” and “peasants” would gladly cut off your head if they had the chance. You are lame.

  14. James Says:

    My own opinions on what really went down on 9/11 aside, I’d be inclined to say that the attackers and the organisation that backed them got what they wanted in the end.

    It can’t be argued that terrorism is an attempt to force victims to radically alter their way of life either towards the terrorist’s belief structure or, failing that, away from their own. That certainly seems to be what happened in the aftermath of the attacks:

    Violation of civil rights, enactment of unethical policies, chaos sown up and down every echelon of government, a general miasma of confusion and fear that has lasted for years after the fact…

    It certainly seems like all of those symptoms are directly beneficial to the terrorists. It’s ironic, though, that the source of all that fear didn’t come from the so-called enemy, but from the people that said they wanted to shield you from having it happen again.

    Freedom was traded for security, and you were never even consulted about it.

  15. tennapel Says:

    The terrorists didn’t want a “violation of civil rights”, they wouldn’t know what a civil right is. They wouldn’t know what an unethical policy was either since they consider our just war in Iraq an unethical policy…as does the American left. The chaos doesn’t come from a government responding to terror, the chaos comes from the nihilists who don’t believe anything is worth fighting for. The confusion and fear is on the American left because they hate those who fight terror more than they hate terror itself.

    The only person more hated than the bully is the jock who stands up and kicks his ass because it reminds the masses of how their own code is mediocre.

    The fear didn’t come from those who tried to shield us, but from the hippies who said saving bears from melting ice was more important than fighting for freedom. But combat has always confused the left, since they see nothing but class warfare worth fighting for. How can an Islamic Radical be the enemy when he doesn’t even work for James Dobson or own an SUV?

  16. James Says:

    I fail to see how an attack by a relatively small organisation of terrorist cells justifies the invasion and takeover of countries that had nothing at all to do with the affront itself.

    It strikes me that the 9/11 attack provided the convenient perfect reason to kick off a campaign that had been in the planning stages for years beforehand.

    The point that I was trying to make was that the attack was a success, insofar as it had the desired effect of making people scared and confused, and has dragged America’s focus off issues needing to be resolved on the homefront, causing its way of life to be affected for the worse, this decline being augmented all the more so by knee-jerk paranaoia and reactionism.

    These changes were not forced by the Taliban. They merely provided the spark that set off the whole chain reaction. They themselves did not force America’s way of life to be so altered.

    Nor were the changes a symptom of apathy. If the attitude of the apathetic nihilist was taken, then by definition nothing much would have changed.

    The left aren’t in charge at the moment, so they didn’t make policies like the Patriot Act or create political prisons which have contributed to the atmosphere I mentioned previously. There is an undeniable heaviness of spirit hanging over American society, directly linked to the American govenment’s reactions to the attack.

    The war is labelled as a fight for freedom, but I’ve yet to be told who’s freedom is being fought for. It can’t be the US; the attack didn’t, in the long run, affect it that much in and of itself.

    It can’t be the countries being invaded either. How can you aggressively invade and dominate a country in order to offer freedom? Freedom can’t be given, even by force. It has to be earned. Saddam Hussain’s regime needed to be toppled, and the US helped to replace it with another regime, about which, the actual Iraqi people themselves didn’t have that much of a say. With that in mind, can it be said that the Iraqis have freedom?

    (Interestingly enough, Hussain’s party coming to power was the result of actions by the previous party, a party which, I remind you, was originally placed into power by the US.)

    The left are not the cause of all this. their objections are not what’s causing everything that’s going on right now. It’s the right who are in charge, and who are making all the decisions.

  17. tennapel Says:

    “There is an undeniable heaviness of spirit hanging over American society, directly linked to the American govenment’s reactions to the attack.”

    Over some of American society. Perhaps even most, but not in my house. I have a spirit of pride that we have taken on Islamic Radicalism and are winning, and that we deposed Saddam.

    “How can you aggressively invade and dominate a country in order to offer freedom?”

    Is America free? Are Japan, Germany and South Korea free? In fact, the only way we can offer freedom from tyranny is to dominate a country.

    Time will tell if this war was a long term success, though the other America will likely withdraw troops and sabotage any work we’ve done in that area. The left are not the cause of this war, you’re correct that it’s primarily to be laid at the feet of the right. I accept that label, as a supporter of Bush and of this war.

    But the sense of public dread was entirely multiplied and transmitted by the media, which is run by the left. We can win all of the ground wars we want, its the narrative that will defeat Bush not the Taliban. In this sense, the left and the Taliban have the same enemy, which is why they are each other’s useful idiots in common cause.

    But you’re well spoken. We live in nteresting times.

  18. I guess I’m leanin’ left cuz I’m sidin’ with James on this ish. The war on terror is like the war on dandruff. That’s what some historian said on the History Channel, anyway. ;) Iraq is not the sole harbinger of irrational freedom haters. They are all over the world and even in our own populace…..North Korea and Russia, maybe? Evidence points to Al Qaeda(obviously)…but….. they don’t represent the beliefs of all Iranians, Iraqis, or Atlantians from the depths of the sea…..just nor’east of the Burmuda Triangle.

    Should we attack every country that has any offiliations with these terrorists…well…we’d have to attack ourselves, eventually seeing that we’ve sold arms to so many “questionables” even if they were our second hand weapons.

    I love the U.S. but we are home to some greedy mutherfuckers….if you don’t mind me saying. We are not always represented by our best. We’ve sold arms to countries we shouldn’t have for a long time and we’ve done many a thing that falls in the gray to dark areas. This doesn’t mean I embrace tyrannical governments because I’m not always supportive of our governments decisions……but I do think that “serving our own interests” isn’t always an ethically sound idea. Patriotism means very little if your country is “doing the right thing for the wrong reasons”.

    I think we went to Iraq to ensure our oil interests….I don’t think it had ANYTHING to do with the 911 attacks but it did make a wonderful excuse for our general populace to “get behind”. Just my opinion but many people agree with me on this. We never found W.M.D.s….and the war didn’t stop after Sadam was caught. That was our first initiative right? And incidentally….our government had documents that warned us about a possible attack and we IGNORED IT! We also trained these terrorists how to fly! C’mon people! Collectively we truly are morons, sometimes.

    I hope we stabilize Iraq and are able to give those people a democratic government and I DO think we’ve done some good there. I hope history tells we were right even if for the wrong reasons.

    Our government has lied to us and has covered up shit loads of information that it doesn’t want us to have. I’ve read and seen too many documentaries that show clear evidence of “hiding information” from “us”. Sometimes it’s justified….mostly it’s not. Our representative government isn’t being represented by the common man.(I suppose it never really has)This makes for an environment where the rich take care of the rich. How does that help Joe the I don’t make a decent living guy and Sue the complete whore? I have no idea. ;) Trickle down theory has proven not to work and it’s a ridiculous idea to begin with.

    Anyway….watch Corporations….it’s a documentary that gets to the heart of what’s happening in America and where the real power is. See Religulous, too, while your at it. I have nothing against people who truly are trying to serve God but this mockumentary showcases how utterly gullible people are. I don’t think Jesus was Republican and I seriously doubt Bush has talks with God. Amen. :)

  19. tennapel Says:

    I say we treat corporate greed with the same cavalier attitude you have with terror. It’s like dandruff, it will always be here, so why fight it? We’ve been lied to about corporate greed, so the fight against it isn’t a good one.

    And I don’t need to see Religulous to see how people will believe lots of gullible things on faith because I just read your rant on our government and the rich.

    I don’t know why you don’t think Jesus wasn’t a Republican and I don’t know why you doubt if Bush has talks with God. It must be nice to divine the hearts and souls of other people by aping bad jokes repeated over and over by lazy comedians and Joy Behar.

  20. There isn’t any simple solution, unfortunately, but Corporate greed we can actually do something about. We can change by-laws and amendments to protect “the people”. We could put ceilings on profits and tie up corporate “loop holes” that allow C.E.O.’s to ditch their companies and pollute like their aren’t any consequences.

    Corporations would still find ways of “funneling” profits and so forth, no doubt but why make it easy for them? Some are less evil than others, as well. With astronomical amounts of money comes a lot of power. That’s pretty scarey when some of these people have no limits or ethics and the world is just a piece of toilet paper….to be used and thrown out. No worries about future people or other life on this planet.

    Here’s the tough question…..how much is enough money for a single person? There are definitely people who seem to deserve more money than they are getting…..teachers are a prime example. The are many garbage men who get paid more than the average teacher. That’s pretty effed up and just about everyone agrees….but “we” do nothing. We have something called minimum wage and it hasn’t kept up with inflation for DECADES. If everyone was in a Union that would be fine….but many of us aren’t and we can’t afford to quit one shitty job and exchange it for another. No one should HAVE to work more than one full time job. I don’t care what they are doing.

    I can’t think of who Joy Behar is but who knows….that might be where I got the Jesus wasn’t a Republican idea from. It’s also a popular internet joke among Democrats, of course. Jesus probably would not side with either Party and would say something about the negativity of labels. I don’t think he’d ever give the go ahead for war….he’d ALWAYS try to find another way. For example, the trillions of dollars we spent on the war because we are dependent on oil…..we could have spent on alternative sources of energy and been energy independent. Wouldn’t that have been awesome. Not a drop of blood shed.

    We still don’t have Al Qaeda! How can we EVER get them all? We’ve got people who are still KKK members in the US. The evil is everywhere, man. That’s the point about terror vs dandruff. Evil is ignorance.

    If Bush had conversations with God…..wow…..I don’t know where to start. I just think he’d have done just about everything different. I don’t think he’d have lied the American public so much and he did many times. He lied about why we went to war, he lied about the war being over, he lied about calls being monitored by our government. Those are just a few that come to mind, anyway.

    I think that if Bush DID NOT have conversations with God like he claimed to…..that should be looked at as a SERIOUS offense. You realize that there is a LONG history of people claiming that God wills them to go to war…..the Crusades is the most glaring example. Anyway, It’s just my opinion but it seems utterly absurd to me.

    I don’t think I have a cavalier attitude about terrorism and I’m sorry I represented myself to you that way. Terrorism is VERY serious but it’s extremely hard to go after EVERYONE who wasn’t born in this country. We have our own share of crazies here, as well. Our goverment before 911 had a cavalier attitude about terrorism. We trained the known muslims how to fly airplanes and those very ones high jacked planes and were the cause of the 911 incident. I would have loved it if we had retaliated in such a way that we actually wiped out the faction of extremists that were responsible for 911. How do we do that without causing ridiculous amounts of collateral damage on both sides?

    My opinion….the best way to beat terrorists is to become energy independent and stop giving them our money and our weapons. Obviously, that wasn’t ever our intent but that’s essentially what’s been happening. It’s a crazy world we live in and try not to hate me for having a differing opinion. I try to base my opinions on evidence and I really don’t care whether “it’s popular” because people don’t always want to except the truth. Myself included. Oh…and as for comedians…..I prefer Dane Cook, Stephen Wright, Bill Hicks, and too many others to recount. My favorite funny cartoon is Futurama. Can’t wait for Bender’s Game which is coming out soon. Have you read Ender’s Game? Great book….I wonder if they will actually tie it in the Futurama epic other than just the title.

    Sorry to rant again! It’s my therapy. I’m totally nuts. ;)

  21. Lucas Says:

    I will believe the “OFFICIAL” story on 911 when the tapes from the security cameras that would of shown the plane hitting the Pentagon are released or the molten pools of steel that were found under the towers are explained or the collapse of WTC 7 building(which was not hit by a fucking plane!)is explained or the explosion under the 1st tower that happened before the first plane even fucking hit it is explained.

    I’m not saying i have the answers….im simply pointing out that there are too many holes in the current story to just shrug off.

    Its really to bad most people are to afraid to actually examine the evidence because they know if it was true then they would have to change their safe, closed minded perception of the world.

    If you want to call me part of the “left” or a nutjob you can fuck off because i can assure you i am neither. I’m an American asshole and i care about this country as much as anyone else!

  22. Ian Says:

    Aww, no new posts to this blog in quite some time. I miss my near-daily dose of extreme right musings and extreme left pontification in the form of namecalling- come on, Doug, you have to have an opinion on SOMETHING that’s happened this November, RIGHT?

  23. freyr Says:

    This “tennapel” fellow is so god damn stupid it’s almost comical.

  24. notfromconcentrate Says:

    I don’t imagine freyr understands any of Mr. Tennapel’s points. He displays the laziest form of intellectual evaluation. He doesn’t agree with Tennapel, so therefore Tennapel must be “so god damn stupid”. I agree with Mr. Tennapel after evaluating his contentions and looking at the history of the past eight years as a non-partisan sycophant….I must be stupid as well. Is that correct? I sit humbly awaiting a leftist correction of my point of view. Please shed your nihilist (do you need a definition on that?) and egotistical light oh bastions of modern liberal perspectives. (Sans-sarcasm, that all means “Liberal ideology is intellectually bankrupt and quite rude”)

  25. PShifts Says:

    911 did not unite everyone in America. Not everyone rallied against a common enemy. Look at the spike in hate crimes, and general negative attitude, towards muslims, Arabs, and anyone who looks similar in the eyes of the typical citizen.

    The ugly underbelly of American society was awakened as well.

  26. di butler Says:

    There wasn’t a noticeable spike in hate crimes after 9/11. That was a talking point. Real historians will get the story right, some of you are obviously very young, have probably matriculated through the public school system, so you haven’t seen the real world yet. But you will. You will. God Bless America, and thank you, Pres. Bush.

  27. Sone Says:

    You are right. Bush is not a personal hero of mine. But somehow in the wake of political correctness and banning smoking in restaurants, we truly forgot.

  28. I know this is probably late, but my reaction to the events of 9/11 were the same as Doug’s, I was eleven when it happened. I had no feeling what was happening that morning, now I feel remorse for those lives that had been lost. My best friend Aaron was in the same situation as I was in, he and I are alot alike. Today we do alot to never forget the real heros, we also moved on to let the terroist know that they haven’t won.

  29. MarcW Says:

    For those that say the Taliban are just a bunch of farmers really in incredible. They are a bunch of totalitarian, radical extremist that devastated a country. For an interesting, albeit fictions story, insight ready Kite Runner. You might also be interested in reading “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell, SEAL Team 10. I’m reading it now and while a real page turner it also gives you some good insight into the SEAL culture, and the dilemma they were faced with on a daily basis in Afghanistan fighting those “farmers”. Regardless, if they once farmed land (in that country who doesn’t – farm or herd goats) it is the ideologue they espouse and the way they impose their rule. For those who disagree, please go visit them..and tell them I said hi right before they cut your head off. There’s not one of you that would set foot in Afghanistan but would rather sit here an dream of peace loving farmers fighting to keep their country…oh yeah, and keep those training camps going that are used to train the next generation of terrorist that will come after you who freely exercise your God-given First Amendment Rights. They’ll cut your tongue out and castrate you before you can beg a gun loving neighbor to help you…though he’d probably even help you, he may not be home..he’ll be at his local NRA meeting figuring out how to keep the Left from taking away his Second Amendment rights!

  30. Oh goody we get castrated by people who think we are going to HELL. I believe that we should coexist, but thats just a pipe dream. We still need to find Osama, and President Obama is sending our Troops home soon. Now I have nothing wrong with our boys coming home, it will probably be like the celebration in New York city after WWII. I had neutral feelings on this war, we needed to teach the bad guys that they have awoken a sleeping giant. Plus we were lucky to find Saddam in a spider hole, (the little rat.) Now I’m a visionary when it comes to the end of the world, (folks don’t be alarmed I’m not crazy like that), I believe that one day God & Jesus will come down on us when that dredded day will come when they are p.o.d. and everyone will want to repent their wrong doings and be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. “Because they are so many deserving of retribution and so little time to do it in.” -Rorschach, Watchmen tcm. I don’t want to worry my entire life of various end of the world possibilities, such as that Global Warming (or is it warning.) That the world will flood over cause we are not taking care of our precious planet. We are now doing are best to make things better, than they already are. I just want to die a natural death when I’m extremely older. I definitely believe in a higher power than any of us and he loves us all no matter what we do. Last year I went to this special seminar of speakers and my most favorite out them was Ray Comfort, his technique and style was simple, funny, mature, and not preachy. Now this is all I have to say right now, if I confused or upset anybody using this blog or anything of the sorts I apologize. I’m very expressive and high spirited and a big freethinker. So in the words of Porky Pig pbpbpbpbpbpb that’s all folks!

  31. V for Vendetta Says:

    your’e one of the influencing powers of the media with your video games developement yet i can see that your nothing but a fool whos false ego and trust in a government and media you dont even know. you should really learn how to use your computer more and the internet, theres a huge amounnt of information out there that will make you think, and eventually, realize the plain and simple truth. Curious? look at the internet, but tv, like cnn, fox, even canadian, foreign info cannot be trusted.

  32. Klaygirl Says:

    I’m sad to read this from you. I came on this site to thank you because I’ve loved Earthworm Jim and Neverhood. There’s so much humor and creativity in these universes you’ve done. I’m sad to see you don’t understand the reasonS behind this tragedy. You’ve never lived in the countries the terrorists came from, you didn’t understand how much their fate is intertwined yith yours, and mine (I’m European)
    I won’t refuse my responsibility as a muslim, because I could have tried to explain and promote the peaceful, respectful version of faith we should all have, whatever we believe in, around me. I would have liked to see the people in these hard-to-live-in countries understand their responsibility, in making their future, despite the harsh context, in a peaceful or harmful way. I would have loved US people, even if they’re parents or feel like parents of the victims, to understand their actions can also be perceived badly, and create more problems.

    I join you sorrow – my native country lost tens of thousands of people in civil war since my birth – I can’t join your way of thinking. The menace is in anyone, the most difficult battle, is for everyone to think peace when our instincts scream “fight”… unless you’re in a videogame of course

  33. I don’t represent any form of politics necessarily, my brother calls me a liberal. I stand for my beliefs and they turn to be neutral or opposite of the opinion. I don’t pay much attention to the news, and I don’t read the paper. I don’t blind myself from any truth that there is, I see it from both perspectives. I may have been harsh on my last entry, I just hope I didn’t damaged anybody. I agree with Klaygirl that the only fun way to kill is in video games. Today I feel for the people on 9/11. I think we all need to be strong, no matter what we face ahead of ourselves. Losing people to any tragedy is no joke, I’ve lost some people who I have hardly known that were relatives. I don’t hide a masquerade on my face, I think people should find happiness to wherever they go in life. Nuff said.

  34. John Rolfe Says:

    Get over it, pussies.

  35. DB Says:

    Listen. Sarajevo was fuckin so much worse than this. It was a real life concentration-death camp for a full 3 years for those poor bastards. Thats one day after another, after another, after another. Thats only 3 days. Took the West just as long to do anything worthwile about it, and especially you oh-so-righteous to get geared up enough to make your leaders to help them in a meaningful way. What’s the point of sending them food if they are being shelled daily, its like fattening up a cow for slaughter. But here you are talkin about 9/11 as if it was the end all be all of horrible events. What is your point? We forgot? Forgot about what? Two buildings go down, 3000+ people die, and the aftermath? Yeah, you said it right, sandniggers with fuckin boxcutters overpower a plane full of people… Well, it seems that those poeple are just the ones you talk about, look the other way, dont rock the boat, keep to your own terribly misinformed reality, FORGET that you are on a plane with fundamentalist batshitcrazy terrorists. Except for that one plane who seemed to have sensible people with some guts. The aftermath of this whole thing was Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan.. Not even the Soviet force at the pinnacle of their strength could subdue them or change them. Guess who was allied with Osama then? So what makes us think that a contingency of about a million armed so-called “Taliban” can be subdued by anything other than blatant genocide? This will take decades to do the Geneva Convention approved politically correct way. In Iraq, so many people died and are in a deep state of utter shit as a result of the war. Way more than those 3000+ at WTC. Is that enough? Have they repaid the debt? Our boy Saddam, a real-life vassal in the 1980 war with Iran. Come on… Get off that fake outrage horse. You (if I am not entirely wrong), like so many others, felt nothing in those attacks. Completely removed from any emotional connection to any of those people. You are mad because you have been given a reality check. You thought that the seas were enough. Well they are, they just realized that PLANES AND BOATS CAN CROSS THEM. As someone pointed out, you want your Shrek bobblehead, someone is going to be pissed of that you are polluting his backyard for your mere amusement. We all live in the same world, some people are nice, some people are crazy. Sometimes, people just spew a whole lot of bullshit to make them seem like they care, but when it would be time to put those words in action, then they receive truth to them. Didn’t see you signing up for the Army sir, not at all, and I heard they need a few good men! There is war going on, but maybe you just forgot..Maybe you just do your part, send some money here and there, a word of approval, yet, your reality undisturbed. You have no interest in personally avenging those people, to be part of the retribution in a meaningful way. Yet, you forgot that it is people like you, with your quiet approval of a completely disorganized and fucked up war that has brought now to others that wich you are scared shitless of: chaos. In 1992 I joined the Croatian military as a mercenary because I saw what was goin on over there and I was so outraged that I wanted to help more. Left everything here in the States, my family baffled, quit work and just went. They took me in, I got to see all kinds of viewpoints and the only thing I got out of it was that everyone had their own reasons for fighting. Some more righteous than others, some completely fucked up. My mother is a Croat, she didn’t want me to go. However, seeing the total desperation of the Bosnians and the Croats I felt it a duty. While Mr.Bush pretty much turned the other eye for his stupid dirty little war in Iraq. That war made no sense after a while. Some of my fellow fighters were just as fucked up in the head as the enemy. I quickly learned that in war the only thing that is ubiquitous is chaos. My only desire was to liberate everything that was occupied and I waited 3 years for it. I’ve seen some horrible things. I’ve killed people. Fathers, brothers, sons. I felt it had to be done to save other fathers, sons, brothers, and thought that if you live by that gun, you should be ready to die by it. In Operation Storm we charged the enemy, I can’t describe to you the feeling of deblockading a town that was under siege for years, to see those faces and to know that you are a true hero to them, that for the rest of their lives they will remember you and praise you as their savior. However I felt terrible watching that in order for them to be saved, others had to be imprisoned, children, old women, very sad faces. That’s when you start crying, thats when everything comes to a point and you ask yourself am I on the side of good or evil. Most Americans don’t remember any of those dates in that war, but in my memory they are firmly engrained. I hoped that 9/11 would be an experience where the average person takes a look at everything around them, to achieve a sort of nirvana of consciousness and understand how he is or can be a part of something. However, it seems just to reiterate that selfish attitude, how dare you invade my reality, how dare you burst my bubble! Well sir, if you are so righteous about something, then you stand up for it and FIGHT! Those terrorists, in their completely fucked up view of righteousness, went on and did something, as vile as it is. In a way, I feel more connected to them, as an enemy of course. The worst kind are those who call for action never wanting to share the experience. They are the snakes of this world. So fuck you for telling us we forgot. We didn’t forget. We never will.

  36. tennapel Says:

    DB, I disagree that someone has to perform an action before they can have a valid opinion of an action.

    Your story doesn’t wash. I know hundreds of other soldiers who are good, moral men and saw the absolute good of what they’re doing in Iraq. Did you ever think that maybe your personal experience only applies to your own narrow mission and shouldn’t be extrapolated across and entire hemisphere of war?

    And yes, I still believe that most of the flag wavers post 9/11 forgot. I didn’t say that everyone on the planet in every circumstance forgot. Maybe you didn’t. Or maybe you never understood in the first place. Still, thank you for your service.

  37. poi Says:

    i see how it is. Rolfe may post a stupid comment like “get over it pussies.” but if you question the morals of killing millions of civilians in a foreign country so the people of the United States may possess an illusory feeling of security your comment will be rejected.

    the one using weapons of mass destruction is The United States military. look at all of the bombs we’ve dropped throughout the world…i guess we can’t bomb everyone in the middle east so lets fund Israel and kill more people.

    call yourself a christian and say its alright to kill millions of men, women and children who’s crime was to be born in the wrong part of the world.

    at least American soldiers had some sort of choice of placing their lives on the line…

  38. Josh W. Says:

    War is war. Thou shalt not kill. #6.

  39. tennapel Says:

    It doesn’t say “Thou shalt not kill.”, it says “Thou shalt not murder.”

  40. french Says:

    Wearing flags for an awakened America ? *THE lol*
    Hope you’ll be kick once in a while for not sleeping too deep xD

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