Marathon Journal: 2 Miles

January 6, 2010

After I crippled my way through last year’s LA Marathon, the Beloved Mrs. TenNapel started upping her jogging miles. When she hit about 13 miles last year, she entered us in the 2010 LA Marathon. So now I’m happily trying to train for another big run, perhaps to see if it was a fluke, a miracle or something I can do twice. Why not try?

Well, I got up to 10 miles last year and came down with two colds and a flu. I’ve been sleep walking through the last three weeks and watching my training go down the tubes. It’s sink or swim time because I hadn’t run since the 10 miler and the March starting line is coming up fast. Will I have enough time to up my miles? Will my Beloved have to run without me? Am I just a sickly, scrawny old man?

Last night I didn’t feel like running but I had to get started regardless of the condition of my mucus-filled lungs. I jogged 2 miles! Too bad, lungs!


6 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 2 Miles”

  1. Bev (Massey) Tandy Says:

    How do we find you on whatever social network you’re using now?

    I don’t like Twitter (simply because I can’t figure it out).

  2. Syz Says:

    Well, there’s always the “Mind over matter method”. Just think that cold and flu away! Or, y’know, something. If you start hovering around and float through walls, or become everything and nothing at the same time, you might have to dial it back a bit.

  3. Bob McGowan Says:

    Hi Doug. Given that you only have about ten weeks before the marathon, I would drop back to half marathon distance. I’ve heard it said that you can run with a head cold but you should back off if it gets into your chest. If you were perfectly healthy you could devise a crash training course that would condition your body to tolerate running slowly for five hours or so with some walking along the way. But you’re not healthy yet. Get healthy first, do a half marathon in March and then a full one in the fall if you want. I’d take a solid half marathon performance over a marathon disaster any day.

  4. tennapel Says:

    I’m going for a marathon disaster! There is no glory in a half marathon for me any more.

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