Marathon Journal: 7 miles

January 10, 2010

Don’t be too impressed, I was trying to do 10. My cardiovascular is a lot more out-of-shape than I thought. By the time I warmed up at mile 2 my body was feeling so good that I thought I could do a pretty long run. By mile 4 I was so tired that I started praying to God, “Help me jog just a little farther!”

I like to pray during jogs. I don’t really know what to say, it would all sound pretty stupid if I quoted my prayers in a blog, but I like to multi-task while jogging. I also run script scenes through my head to come up with better plot points and character names.

I listened to apologetics: Chris Neiswonger, Greg Koukl and William Lane Craig. Spun some music from last year’s running shuffle collection: Amy Winehouse, Big Star, Rage Against the Machine, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash and MGMT and Major Lazer.


5 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 7 miles”

  1. Do you do any stretches, or are you just out the door and on the road? Is there any special recovery/routine you do on the off days?

    “I like to pray during jogs…I like to multi-task while jogging.” LOL

    • tennapel Says:

      I don’t stretch at all. I just hit the road. There are a lot of theories on if stretching is good for runners. Most consider the first mile of a jog a warm up. Just take it easy and let the body get up to speed for the first mile or so.

      My off days, I sit on my duff and draw all day!

  2. Bob McGowan Says:

    OK Doug, you have ten weeks left and if you take a two week taper then you have eight weeks to build up. I would try to do 10 next weekend, back off to 8 the weekend after that, 12 or 13 the third weekend, back off to 9, etc. I think your whole focus should be the long runs with shorter stuff during the week every other day. Many years ago our Preacher, John Powell now of Loma Linda Presbyterian Church, told us that he would buy a steak dinner for anyone who could memorize the Sermon on the Mount. It took me a while but I did it. I recite one chapter on my short runs and all three on my long runs. Start reciting that in the last few miles of a marathon and it takes way some of the pain. He still owes me a dinner. I used to stretch a lot but now I ride a stationary bike for 5 minutes before I run. Remember, “I am weak and He is strong”.

  3. tennapel Says:

    So like this?

    17th 10 miles
    24th 8 miles
    31st 13 miles
    7th 9 miles
    14th 15 miles
    21st 10 miles
    28th 17 miles

    7th ???
    21st Marathon

    • Bob McGowan Says:

      Right. I came up with that extra week too, which you could either do something like a 12 and then maybe 6 or 7 the week before the marathon, or you could use the extra week somewhere along the way in case you feel like crap at some point. I taper three weeks before a marathon but you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Mainly if you get up there in the 17 to 18 mile range then you can get to the 20 mile mark in the race. After that you can gut it out. Check out Jeff Galloway’s website. He walks a couple of minutes every mile. It works and you cana try it on your next long run just to test it out.

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