Marathon Journal: 4 Miles

January 17, 2010

This morning I felt like doo-doo but knew I had to get in a run. I’m on the bubble for the LA Marathon where if I miss just one training session, no matter how trivial, my ability to run that race would be in jeopardy.

I visited the LA Marathon website to get inspiration. This is not a hard marathon course, other than it being 26 miles long. It’s generally flat or downhill and the architecture goes from dumpy at Dodger Stadium to beautiful at the Santa Monica Pier.

Our friends are returning from Haiti, so it’s hard to focus on my training when another country is melting before our eyes. This one particular friend has been trying to adopt a boy from Haiti for 14 months and has gotten to know her soon-to-be-son through visits and updates. You can’t imagine the turmoil of having to leave a young boy at an orphanage just two days after a deadly earthquake, but she couldn’t get him out of the country just yet. Diane Sawyer visited the same orphanage and picked up her son so we got to see him on TV!

If you are born in a country that enables you to have the internet coverage to read this, I hope you’re thanking a good God in these tough days. Because you and I won the lottery. While there’s no crime in winning the lottery, there is one in winning then living a life of ingratitude or willful ignorance of the Power That Be.


4 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 4 Miles”

  1. Well said. This results of this earthquake are absolutely devastating. My heart and prayers go out to your friends and other affected by this tragedy.

  2. Bob McGowan Says:

    As far as your marathon training goes, you can only do your best under the circumstances. You’re at a certain level, fitness wise, and there is no short cut to getting in marathon shape. Make sure you take some rest days and listen to your body. If you’re right on the bubble then you know that you can’t afford to burn out at this point either. Slow and steady wins the race. Congrats to Angie and don’t feel that you have to compete with her because she’s up to 18 miles. I still say you’re better off doing a half and then link up with Angie for the last few if she runs the full marathon. Our prayers go out to your friend and all of the victime in Haiti. I pray that she gets her son home soon.

  3. Chris Says:

    Amen, well put Doug. Good luck with training!

  4. Words of wisdom my friend.

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