Marathon Journal: 4 little miles

February 3, 2010

You’d think after running 20 miles that a guy could knock out four miles without much drama. For the most part that’s true, but it still felt weird. I was relieved to not have to do five miles, let’s put it that way.

The knees feel stressed, as do all of the bones in my legs. I’m tall, so I have a lot of bones in my legs. In fact, I’m just a head growing out of a pair of legs.

Our four kids have been home from school for most of the week due to a new cold that sprung up among them. Dang it, tonight I feel a little something in my sinuses. Let’s hope it just passes right on through without any trouble.

Today’s shuffle was mostly a panel discussion of two Theistic Evolutionists (or old earth Creationists or Intelligent Design guys) and an atheistic evolutionist. They were humble, friendly and didn’t try to negate each other’s work as scientists. I can count those kinds of discussions regarding this topic on one hand.


11 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 4 little miles”

  1. A head growing out of a pair of legs! LOL

  2. lemm Says:

    Get well soon Doug. x_____x

    Lol @Jess…why did you “whisper” it in the video? That made me lose my composure!

  3. Bob McGowan Says:

    It’s normal to feel crappy in the short mid week runs. You’re stiff and sore and there’s no glory in running four miles at a slow pace. But that’s what you need to do to get the kinks out. Good luck on the health front. You’re ahead of schedule training wise so you shouldn’t panic if you come down with a slight cold.

    • tennapel Says:

      I don’t know if I can run the marathon doing 12 minute miles… I look down at my Garmin and catch myself doing 14 minute miles all the time. But if I was going to TRY to do the marathon keeping a 12 minute mile pace, what’s the best way to accomplish that?

      At the beginning of the race, I could easily do 10 or 11 minute miles, so do I go normal at the beginning and just assume I’ll lose time at the end, or do I just run 12 minute miles like a Garmin Nazi no matter how good or bad I feel, or no matter what hill suddenly appears in front of me?

      I’m setting a general goal of doing 12 minute miles, which should give me a finish of around 5.5 hours. That would be an outstanding time for me.

      • Bob McGowan Says:

        They say the most efficient way to run the marathon is to maintain a steady pace all the way. If you latch on to one of those Cliff Bar pace bracelets at the Expo, they’ll show something like a 12:30 pace for the first few miles and then gradually speeding up a little. Thye also say that for every mile/minute that you run too fast in the beginning you’ll lose many times over later on. Cut 6 minutes off your first 10K and lose 30 minutes over all. If you want to try and run 12s I would run the first 10K at a 13 minute pace. It will feel like you’re running 14 cause you’ll be all amped up. Being a pace Nazi is great reinforcement. Every mile at pace is a goal achieved. One mile at a time. That’s worked best for me.

  4. Bob McGowan Says:

    Doug, here’s a neat link to the Clif Bar site where you can type in your goal time and it will calculate splits for you:

  5. tennapel Says:

    That’s great to know Bob, thanks! So if I run the first 10k at 13 min pace, it’s implied that I’ll make up those minutes at the end of the race? So I’ll have to do 10k at an 11 minute pace at some point?

    • Bob McGowan Says:

      Right. Hold back for the first 10K and then pick it up about 1 minute per mile. Or 1.5 per mile if you feel good. If you’re in the zone you’ll lock into a pace and around mile 18 you’ll break even. If you’re having an off day, stay at 13s. The big thing is this, don’t start too fast. It’s really hard to stay within your limits early on when everyone is passing you by. Trust me, around mile 18 you’ll be passing them and feeling strong.

  6. Bob McGowan Says:

    PS: I tried to post a link to the Clif Bar site earlier. If you google clif bar pace band, a site comes up where you can type in your expected finish time and it calculates your splits for evry mile. Clif Bar usually has a booth at the expo and they give out these wrist bands to wear during the race.

  7. tennapel Says:

    I clicked the cliff bar link from the email your comment generated. I already figured it out. I’ll print one of those babies out… trying to do 12s the whole time and finish under 5.5. The Bracelet will let me know if I fall behind. Mostly, I now know not to haul A on the first couple of miles… I’ll share with Angie too, because she’s hard to slow down!

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