Marathon Journal: 0 miles

February 6, 2010

I caught one of my 4 kid’s colds that have been stewing around the house. It’s hard to avoid them when there’s that much plague caked on every door handle and water bottle.

I got in one 4 miler this week, and today was supposed to be 10 miles. I can’t imagine I’m going to be doing 10 miles tomorrow after eating fried everything and beer during the Super Bowl. I’ll push the 10 back to Monday, and hope my lungs are back in shape by then.

This just reminds me that almost anything can take someone out from a marathon run. Our friend was walking through her own house, tripped over a kid-gate and broke her leg in three places. All of our lives can turn on a dime just like that. One day you’re doing fine, the next day you’re in a wheelchair. Or one day you’re done for and the next day you win the lottery.


2 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 0 miles”

  1. Bob McGowan Says:

    I figured you’d catch that cold. Marathon training would be tough enough if you didn’t have to work for a living and be a parent too. Bill Rodgers once said he could beat anyone who had to work for a living. You’re right, lots of stuff can happen to derail your training. Be thankful that you came down with the cold now vs later. Get some rest and do 8 miles on Monday. Were those mudslides near you?

  2. Damon Says:

    Man, it sucks when that happens. Parents or other family members can catch the cold or flu when one of your own kids gets sick as well. It happen to my family as well. One of my big sister’s three kids got sick and got everyone sick. Talk about epidemics.

    Sorry, I been flapping my lips again. Make sure you get plenty of water/drink on the way out. Diet IS part of a healthy lifestyle.

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