Marathon Journal: 4 Miles

February 13, 2010

Four miles with no real problems today. I felt a little “heart-attacky” at the first half mile, but I slowed down and it went away. I get a jumpy heart from time to time, not sure what it is but I’ll probably die from it just as soon as I write about how harmless it feels.

My cold is almost gone so the lungs aren’t bothering me so much, I mostly just feel drained.

Today’s inspiration was provided by the Beloved Mrs. TenNapel who ran 20 miles today! She beat my 20 mile time by over 15 minutes so that’s a new household record. I have no doubt that she’ll finish the LA Marathon quite a ways ahead of me. It becomes more and more clear that we won’t be able to run side by side, which I’m probably more comfortable with than Angie.


2 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 4 Miles”

  1. Bob McGowan Says:

    Good job Doug. Sounds like you made it thru the cold pretty well. I usually lose a whole week of training when I get sick so you did great by my standards. Kudos to Angie. Running the marathon together is a nice idea, but usually one person is feeling better than the other one and it makes the other one feel even worse. I’m usually the slower one and I appreciate the company but I’d rather waddle along at my own pace and meet up at the finish line. Maybe do the first few miles together and then find your own pace. Keep up the good work you guys.

  2. Damon Says:

    Look, Doug, You have to be more optimistic. You get alittle weak from recovering since your body was up all night killing whatever got you sick in the first place. If you don’t get rest when the opportunity arises, You won’t have energy for your runs.

    I know that may be impossible with children and stressful events causes most critical sicknesses like heart attacks. Go out with your wife while the kinds are being baby-sited, have a blast, and rest up for the rest of the run. Live like a real human would instead of a commercial one.

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