Marathon Journal: 4 under 40

February 19, 2010

I actually ran this one yesterday, so I didn’t run this on Friday… I’m just writing on Friday.

But four miles under forty minutes is pretty fast for me. I had to concentrate keeping my pace up for the whole run. In general, I just keep repeating two ideas in my head to speed up; first I try to make sure I feel my thighs working hard and second, I make sure my stride is longer than usual.

There’s still too much mucus in my respiratory system and I can tell my lungs aren’t at 100%.

Part of why I jogged on Wed. and Thursday this week is because I hope to do a decent long run on Saturday or Sunday. Conveniently, the Pasadena Marathon is this weekend and I thought I’d crash it to put in an 18 mile run. This brings up an ethical dilemma I’m having a hard time getting around.

It’s common but a no-no to “steal” a race by showing up without paying the registration fees. But I’m in a unique position because I paid to get into the Pasadena Half Marathon in 2008 which was cancelled. Though they cancelled the event, entrants got no refund… just a tee shirt that ended up costing about seventy five dollars. This is one of those real life situations where a man’s ethics are applied, or swept under the carpet because in my opinion, when most people’s values are challenged we all too willingly give up on them instead of going through some kind of personal loss or turmoil.

So now I have to pay one hundred dollars to join the Pasadena Marathon, though I won’t finish the marathon at all. I don’t want the shirt, I just need the fun of the event to get me to run a good eighteen miles which I may not be able to do anyways given the compromised condition of my lungs. I do feel like Pasadena owes me a race, but I hate more than anything that sense of entitlement, and think our society is at a great loss exactly because character and values are so quickly given up.

In case you’re wondering, I’ll have to do the right thing and I hate doing with just about every fiber of my being. It’s rarely fun to do good, there is no honor or reward, because I’d probably get even more points for being crafty if I pulled off sneaking into a Marathon.

Maybe I’ll just throw the whole damned run into the can and just skip it all.


2 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 4 under 40”

  1. Bob McGowan Says:

    Nice work on the short run Doug. It’s good that you’re focusing on your form instead of your cold. That really sucks about the 2008 half marathon but I’m sure the city still had to pay for the food, security, etc even though the race was cancelled. Why don’t you run the half marathon instead? You’ll save 15 bucks and you’ll feel better finishing the race instead of walking off at mile 18. If you want to do a longer run, I suggest going down early and doing a few miles as a warm up. The real race will pull you through the whole 18 miles. You might also try local running clubs to see if someone wants to sell their number. It happens all the time and it’s legit. I’ll bet there are lots of folks who signed up but can’t run for what ever reason.

  2. Lynn Maudlin Says:

    Knowing now that you started by feeling ripped off by Pasadena also helps me understand the particularly vitriolic and critical tone about the el-cheap-skate-oh race… Very glad you’re a man of principle even when the principles pinch.

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