Marathon Journal: 15 miles knock-kneed

March 1, 2010

I did an easy 10 mile run and should have stopped. But noooOOOooo I had to do 15 miles and slaughter my legs on those last 5 miles. I went paint-balling yesterday and dove into ditches, crawled on my knees and did other stupid things I shouldn’t be doing just before a marathon and I hadn’t fully recovered. My left foot hurt so I limped out the last 2 miles. I could feel my knees knocking around but it didn’t hurt a lot.

After the run, it was time to soak my legs in the cold pool while wolfing down dinner. My Beloved made a meat loaf so I had a giant meat loaf sandwich, potatoes and broccoli that was better than lobster I was so hungry. By the time I finished dinner and slugged down a Mountain Dew (bad decision) I got into the hot tub just as the kids got out… meaning I didn’t have to constantly avoid their cannon balls.

I’ll sleep well tonight.


4 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 15 miles knock-kneed”

  1. Bob McGowan Says:

    OK Doug, that was great but you need to start taking it easy now. You’re not going to build anymore endurance in these last three weeks. That should be your last long run until the marathon. You need to start exercising some discipline and hold back when you feel like running extra miles or exceeding youe normal pace. You’re going to get really antsy, especially the week before the marathon. Let your body heal up and stay loose with a few short runs. You’re doing great!

    • Doug Says:

      By the end of last night’s run I looked down at the Garmin and it said I was doing 15 minute miles to which Angie said, “That’s not even running!”

      I do need to go slower, and the day of the Marathon I’m not gonna pass the guy doing 12:15 minute miles.

      Thanks for your support and coaching.

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