Marathon Journal: 2 Miles. Nervous

March 17, 2010

Tonight I did a small two mile run. There’s no more distance training, whatever work has been put into the body isn’t going to get any better in one run. I just needed to warm up the old heart and lungs and see if my shoes were comfortable enough. Once I found the perfect tightness for lacing, I marked the laces with a Sharpie so I knew how tight to go for race day. Yeah, I’m that paranoid.

How paranoid am I? Well, I won’t be running with a 2 oz. Garmin because it weighs too much. I print out a piece of paper that has my goals for each mile and tape it into a bracelet. I would wear my lucky Johnny Cash shirt but I’m afraid it would absorb too much sweat and be too heavy. There are lots of other weird little habits and rituals I observe on race day to make sure I have every advantage just in case I only finish by a molecule.

I’m going to start laying off the coffee between now and Sunday. It jacks my heart up too much and just makes me have to pee too often. On race morning I’ll have one cup of coffee max.

I need to go to the store and buy more Gu, get some Glide chaffing protection, get some new sweat resistant ear-buds for the Shuffle and maybe buy a new pair of socks. The next couple of days I hope to wake up a little earlier so that Sunday’s 5am wake up call doesn’t catch me off guard too much.

Friday and Saturday will be big nights for sleep. We’ll load up on carbs at dinner and breakfast, eating pasta and cereal. Then Sunday is the big race and I’d say I’ve got just a 50/50 chance of finishing. There’s no way to gage where I’m at. I have a fear of failure that really bugs me, but I’m good at ignoring all that.


3 Responses to “Marathon Journal: 2 Miles. Nervous”

  1. howertons Says:

    You will be great!

  2. Bob McGowan Says:

    Sounds good Doug. I wouldn’t classify your actions as paranoid, they all make sense. Any minor irritant during the marathon can magnify to the point that it hampers your pace or becomes a mental distraction. Avoid any big changes as in trying a new brand of socks before breaking them in. Remember, start carbo loading tonight, even if it’s drinking extra juice or something like that. A world class masters runner once told me to up my intake by 1000 calories/day from Thursday night thru Saturday night. Don’t worry about getting up early the next few days. Get your rest while you can. Count yourself blessed that you and Angie are healthy and are going to get the chance to experience the marathon together. Enjoy the journey. You’ll do fine.

  3. Og Says:

    Good luck, Doug. Won’t it be good to be able to look back on the time you and Angie ran the marathon together and even though it was hard, you finished?

    Roll on. I think you can do it.

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