Marathon Journal: Running Expo

March 19, 2010

Went to the running expo and picked up my bib number. I’m number 9629 if you want to go to the LA Marathon website and follow along online and make fun of me if I fail.

I got a new pair of earbuds, 12 packets of Gu and a little pack that holds a few items that goes around the waist. There’s this system where I can over-hydrate on Friday, and let the body balance it all back out on Saturday to keep from over-hydrating on Sunday.

I’m sure I’m not supposed to wear the shirt until I finish the marathon but I don’t care! I’m wearing it! It looks stupid with a big rainbow on the front. It looks like it’s for the West Hollywood Marathon. I wish it had skulls and monsters all over it and even the West Hollywood guys would still like it.

The last few days showed that my mental game was non-existent. I have a new plan to just blow it all off and not care. I’m going to the lowest common denominator of just having fun on this one and hope my appetite builds as the race goes on.

The Shuffle is getting loaded up with music and some apologetics from my friends at Stand To Reason… my pal Brian Godawa was on the show with my pal Greg Koukl so it should help a lot of the time to pass by.

One booth at the expo was from a running chapel where these Christian ladies will promise to pray for me during the race. That was really cool, my people have my back. They gave me a Gospel of John. I need prayer all right.

“Here we goooOOOooo!” – Peter Pan


2 Responses to “Marathon Journal: Running Expo”

  1. Kathy Fullerton Says:

    Well, I’m joining the Christian ladies, Doug. Godspeed to ya!

  2. Bob McGowan Says:

    I will track your progress and you won’t fail. Stay loose today and stay off your feet. You’ve got lots of nervous energy and you need to save it for tomorrow. Remember, your goal is to finish, period. Do not under any circumstances get in front of the pace group. Don’t get discouraged if you start to fall behind. Just try to keep them in view. They could finish a mile in front of you and you’d still have a great time. Don’t skimp on the water for fear of having to take a leak. Chances are there will be alleys and bushes where dozens of runners will be taking an unscheduled rest stop. My suggestions fo your ipod shuffle would be 25 Miles by Edwin Starr, Hold on I’m Coming by Sam and Dave and The Ballad of the Green Berets by Barry Sadler. Have fun and remember, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow faint. If you have to walk, just keep moving forward. Don’t freak out. Suck it up, shake it off, get some water and keep moving. I want to see you wearing that medal at the Ho Down.

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