Mahfood, Me, Morse

April 13, 2010

Scotty Morse came to town for a 24 hour thing so we squeezed in a jaunt to House of Secrets for some comics then off to the Tally Rand.
Mahfood, Me, Morse.
One of the benefits of being an artist is getting to hang with old friends and talk about the world of comics, animation and life. I have nothing but respect for fellow professionals, so I learn a lot from my friends and this lunch was no different.

Jim has a thing at Disney XD for television, Morse is at Pixar on Cars II and I have a movie at Disney based on a graphic novel. We get to find out who is pitching what to who, what’s the best comic to check out and I learned the general lay of the land as far as who is hiring, what kinds of stories are getting heat and what projects are dead.

In short, this is a valuable part of the information network that courses like blood through this town’s veins. It’s not common knowledge because I spend much of my work day in an isolated studio space alone at a desk and most of what we talk about isn’t safe to share on the net. It’s opinion. It’s rumors. It’s the fetus of an idea that may not be ripe and may never be ready to bring to the public.

Best of all is the people side of the biz. These are good, noble, men and we’ve watched each other make our way through this rat maze for going on fifteen years now. I’m lucky to know them, and I stole a little energy from them at lunch I use to keep my studio’s creative lights burning.

The moral of this story is that I can’t do it alone and that this is a business whose most valuable stock and trade isn’t art or commerce, but human connection. It’s not the wallet or the ink and paint… it’s the soul, baby.


7 Responses to “Mahfood, Me, Morse”

  1. Awwww…this is a fun picture! That’s cool how you guys are still involved and keeping in touch! I am a little worried about Cars II, though. I never really got into the first one. Can’t wait to hear more about your movie deal!

  2. tennapel Says:

    Jess, one thing you’ve gotta know by now is that you can trust Pixar. You’ll see.

  3. Ben (Benmanben) Says:

    I definitely trust Pixar to make wonderful films that I will enjoy.

    I thought the first Cars was great!


  4. Damon Says:

    You have alot of connections and alot of friends! Use that to your advantage. Pixar is trustful…but Disney did have children slaves… (remember britney and MJ?)

  5. Kathy Fullerton Says:

    Connection is the key to success in any endeavor, in my humble opinion.

  6. Zak Says:

    You work with Mahfood?

    Since when ;o

    I love that guy

  7. Ramel Hill Says:

    Awesome pick. You guys sure keep the Goliaths of the industry close.

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