Come to My FREE Lecture at CSU Fullerton Tonight!

April 14, 2010

Oh, it will be a grand old time! I’m a huge fan of Fullerton’s art department and have lectured there now for over ten years. We hired tons of CSUF art majors while I worked at Nickelodeon and they now infect the animation industry like a virus of quality.

I will be lecturing for THREE honkin’ hours on story and how it can be applied to my fields of past work: video games, children’s books, television, illustration, movies and graphic novels. Yes, I’ve dabbled in a lot of different mediums, which probably explains why I’m a master of none of them. I’m incompetent! Come to my lecture!

You’ve heard that character is important in story but I’ll barf my theory on the how and the why. I also have a mind-numbingly easy formula that beginning story-tellers can apply to their own junk to make it more familiar to Western audiences (no, not cowboys. I mean “not Orcs”.) We’ll go over plot and how to make it hinge on your characters.

There will be lots of time for question/answer with each segment, and as with all of my lectures I promise to raise my voice, make funny shapes with my body, and generally embarrass myself so you will feel like you’re better than me. I’m here to build your self image, even at the expense of my own frail ego. I don’t do it in the name of altruism, I do it because it makes for a better story. Live it! I’ll see you tonight! If you can’t stay for all three hours you’re welcome to come and go as you please and we’ll assume that if you have to leave that you probably have an appointment for a penicillin shot at the medical clinic.

poster of lecture
If you need directions to get to the historic 8th wonder of the world known as Fullerton, click this MAP.


9 Responses to “Come to My FREE Lecture at CSU Fullerton Tonight!”

  1. Sean McGowan Says:

    That’s the greatest poster ever.

  2. Peter Says:

    Film it and put it on Vimeo for us out-of-towners. Please?

  3. tennapel Says:

    My arm is sixteen feet long.

  4. Ben (Benmanben) Says:

    Aw, come on Doug.

    You afraid if you put it up you’ll stop getting requested?

    Would you let other people film it?

  5. Mike Cruz Says:

    This makes me sad that I live in Texas.. and that I can not attend the 3 jovial hours of body contortions, screaming, and pontification. I hope you make a dvd series some day on the art of story telling the Doug TenNapel way, from Story to Art.

  6. Damon Says:

    I wish I was there! Nice poster design, by the way. Did you…?

  7. sideache Says:

    Great job Doug – The students loved it!

  8. Doug, that was the most inspiring lecture ever! Thank you for coming out, I’m addicted to reading your graphic novels now!

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