San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon

June 6, 2010

I finished the last marathon I intend to run today. I broke my last record by nearly and hour with a finish time of 5 hours and 53 minutes. My Beloved beat my best with a time of 5 hours and 44 minutes! I’m so proud of her and even more impressed with her than I am with myself… and I’m pretty impressed with my own accomplishment.

This race was the warmest I’ve run, which challenged me starting at about mile 9 as we jogged a 3 mile incline up the 163 freeway with the sun starting to peek out of San Diego’s famous marine layer. Angie and I ran most of the race together, but she got ahead of me at mile 22 and I couldn’t catch up to her from there.

Right around mile 23 my old friend Chris came up along side me. Out of 30,000 runners in San Diego a guy I went to college with is feigning an injury and joined me little loser walk. I was in his wedding and we got to catch up on his six kids (two adopted from Africa) and his new journey to move the family to Africa next year on an exciting missionary job. This would be Chris’ last marathon before venturing into another world!

Around mile 6 I had to use the potty and I found a public men’s room, though there were no stall doors. Just as I took a seat to do my thing, 8 WOMEN runners walk into the bathroom! It was like a rape. I’ll be scarred for life. I’m wiping myself like some trucker and these females come into the man’s holy of holies. I don’t let my own wife see my dumps, so why would I be okay with 8 strangers waiting in front of my stall… with no door… while I’m taking a dump. Times were different when I was a kid.

The bones in my feet hurt pretty bad. I’m a tall man, and not exactly the runner’s build. I prayed a lot in the last couple of miles of the race to no avail. I felt like this race was my own doing and that there was no supernatural power to help me finish. It didn’t keep me from asking, and my feelings can always we wrong… just as anyone’s feelings can be. Still, I thank God I’m around to run another one. I felt blessed, undeservedly so, to have good health and have such a heroic wife!


11 Responses to “San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon”

  1. Congratulations to both you and your Beloved! I had several friends from church running the marathon, too.

    Chris who? I doubt you remember me from PLNU as my focus was the Lit Department.

    It’s fun following you on Twitter–I enjoy your wit and your love for your family. :)

  2. Bob McGowan Says:

    Congrats Doug and Angie. What do you mean by “I prayed a lot in the last couple of miles of the race to no avail”? You finished didn’t you? You set a new PR by nearly an hour. It says “they shall run and not grow weary” AND “they shall walk and not grow faint”. You ran a tough race and you crossed the line on your own power. God doesn’t guarantee us that we won’t feel any pain. There were many times that I would have QUIT if there wasn’t something much stronger than me pulling me through. Nice job guys!

  3. Ryan Says:

    Nice going! Way to end on a high note of setting a personal best.

  4. Josh Says:

    Way to go Doug! Congratulations to you and your Beloved!

  5. hannah Says:

    Wow gjob and congratulations! oh by the way, I read one of your other comments that said that God was your inspiration. Are you Christian or Catholic? I’m Christian :D

  6. Amen to the Catholics are Christians! :)

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