Come see me in Washington D.C. on World Intellectual Property Day!

April 24, 2011

I’m on a panel this Tuesday the 26th talking about making a living on creating properties: LINK

Many don’t understand the legal underpinnings of what I do to make a living. I come up with something, I sell it to another party. But why can’t some employer just say, “That’s a good idea, I’ll take it. And you’re fired!”? Well, it’s all because we have rights to our intellectual property, and some of the strongest description of those rights in the whole world are right here in America.

I will be signing books, participating on a panel, and having fun meeting all of the suits in DC that help fight for our intellectual property rights. Come on over!


11 Responses to “Come see me in Washington D.C. on World Intellectual Property Day!”

  1. Martin L. Shoemaker Says:

    Wish I could be there. I think you’re fighting a good fight here, and I support you in it. But only in spirit from afar. I have work to do.

  2. 1547 Says:

    So say you don’t have an idea copyrighted/trademarked, can you sell just your idea to a company?

  3. JonnyMatic Says:

    I would be there if I didn’t live in the middle of Kansas…

  4. ZaxCG2 Says:

    Oh wow, you’ll be in DC? That’s the closest I think you’ll ever get to me! Wish I could abandon work and trek up there… but I’ll have to find another time finally meet you.

    Probably make it to a West US convention sometime eventually. :)

  5. meskes Says:

    ROAD TRIP!!!


  6. george Says:

    Sure you’ll see a lot of people call you out on your ass backwards beliefs. Go ahead and moderate my posting dickhead.

  7. CMW Says:

    Hope it went well. I took a Business Law course a few semesters ago, and it really opened my eyes to how complex all this stuff is (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, even international treaties affecting these!). Being in, and planning to get into, software after my degree’s finished, this stuff is becoming a bigger issue in my mind. So remember, you’re not just fighting for the artists, but also the technological crafts as well! It’s a good thing.

  8. JimDude Says:

    Do you ever get to use the Earthworm Jim rights fiasco as an example for these?

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