Come to my Art Show!

April 20, 2012

Come to my Art Show!

This is the largest display of my comic work in over 20 years! I’ll be displaying 100 original pages of my book in progress Hixon Bragg.

4 Responses to “Come to my Art Show!”

  1. Fullerton, California? Just wondering.

  2. […] Join Doug Tennapel for the opening of his Art Show at Fullerton College Art Gallery (east) titled “Hixon Brass” featuring more than 100 […]

  3. Andrea Morse Says:

    Doug, it was so nice to see you yesterday. Your exhibit was very good, I liked the simple way you put it together. It made the pictures stand out. I have never been to an art exhibit like that, it was interesting. I’m glad we went. Something new to experience. I liked that you got down to eye level with the little girl that wanted to meet you. Her parents looked so excited that you took time with her. I thouth it was great the Karen Sangren came. That says something when your old prof comes. Good luck the next few days. Say hi to your family for me. Andrea

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