Doug TenNapel – Art

November 12, 2012

We’re working on my Sketchbook Archives… a compilation of my best, mostly unpublished art scribbles, from the last 25 years. I’m most proud of a series of oil paintings I did in the early 2000’s. It made me feel like a real artist, though I don’t mean to insult my cartoon art by insinuating that it’s not legit. Here’s one of my favorite oil paintings… a self portrait of a trip to Mendocino the Beloved Mrs. TenNapel and I took when we found out she was pregnant with our first child.


2 Responses to “Doug TenNapel – Art”

  1. Benmanben Says:

    Nice painting.
    I remember you mentioning in a video of an art school speech that you were scared of becoming a dad.

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