Doug TenNapel – EWJ

November 12, 2012

If you love Earthworm Jim, then you’re probably older than 22 and younger than whatever. But part of my experience in creating a mass media character has been in watching the audience mature and develop.

One thing I could never have anticipated was how when a 5-9 year old consumes a character, that it deeply effects their person because it’s in their formative years. When people at conventions or online tell about their EWJ memories, I can see their eyes drift back to being a 7 year old, and it just hits them in a very deep spot that perhaps they haven’t accessed in months or years.

It’s a great honor to get to entertain children, and now adults, and the children of adults! Part of my job is to be a responsible cartoonist that cares about the audience I draw. Thanks again for your support… even after all of these years. You make me feel like a 27 year old kid again!


7 Responses to “Doug TenNapel – EWJ”

  1. I liked the cartoon quite a bit. Especially the Dune references.

  2. DavidHK Says:

    Yes, EWJ deeply affected me. I was four years old when it began.

  3. Stephen McCall Says:

    I wasn’t allowed to watch EWJ growing up (I found out about your art from Five Iron Frenzy’s album covers), but I do understand what you’re saying about being attached to something from your formative years. I think it’s cool that people remember EWJ like that. I’d like to see it revived in some way.

  4. lemm Says:

    Yup…many happy memories. Especially not wanting the princess to be squished at the end and playing it through again to try and see if there was an alternate ending. I was a bit daft.
    Thanks for making Jim! :)

  5. krodista Says:

    It is you we should be thanking and not the other way around for bringing such games and characters to the table. Both EWJ and Neverhood were challenging games, but extremely rewarding in content and play-styles.

    You are a sincerely gifted artist and the crowd of people who follow you after all of these years is a testament to your creativity and your talent. I look forward with anticipation with what you will come up with next.

  6. speaking of, do you know if the North American DVD set was officially released sir? I got one off Amazon 2 weeks ago, and it looks like a low budget dump bin pressing and appears only licensed for Canada… Others are calling it a bootleg and other nonsense

    and I wish I saw the book kickstarter when it was still in progress haha

  7. Crystal Says:

    My husband and I watched Earthworm Jim during our formative years – of our marriage, that is. “Go forth and destroy” is still in our lexicon. Ditto the request for a DVD set in the U.S.!

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