Doug TenNapel – Klaymen

November 30, 2012

Doug TenNapel - Klaymen

This is the last surviving Klaymen puppet from my personal collection. The latest is brittle so I have to be careful not to repose it too much.


9 Responses to “Doug TenNapel – Klaymen”

  1. noiz Says:

    thanks for this blast for the past, I hope the little guy doesn’t fall apart any time soon :)

  2. Ali Pordeli Says:

    I can look at it for hours and keep looking! It reminds me of my childhood, playing the Neverhood,… I just loved the game and i still do. I appreciate what you did for this game.

  3. Natash Says:

    Ahhh, Sweet! Klaymen was such a sympathetic character. The Neverhood was one of the first games I ever played back then, and I loved every minute of it.

  4. jaygeek Says:

    Loved It! (still do) Can we work together to bring this game to Windows Phone and or Windows 8?

  5. Nadav Curiel Says:

    This makes me so excited. I’m really happy to see an authentic surviving Klaymen puppet from The Neverhood! Keep it somewhere safe!

  6. AP Says:

    @Doug Congrats on your new project, I’ve been following it. I bet it will be as great as Earthworm and The Neverhood.

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