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January 3, 2013

This letter from a fan was a real punch in the gut:

I just wanted to thank you for restoring my enjoyment of comics. As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s I loved comic books. But they became so expensive and grim I gave them up by the mid 1990s. I always missed them, but I just couldn’t find anything that made me feel the same sense of wonder and fun I’d felt as a kid. That was until I checked out a copy of Tommysaurus Rex from my local library. What a fun read. I shared the book with my autistic nephew (I’ve been caring for him since my sister passed away Autumn of ’10) and he loved it too. Since then I’ve managed to find Monster Zoo and Power Up also at my local library and loved them both. Books are I and my nephew and primary source of entertainment. We don’t get out much (I too am disabled). But we really love sharing a good read and talking about it. Thanks for writing such excellent and entertaining stories!

I do my comics for my own story telling reasons, but I really do want to make my audience experience something good. So my internal motive is the cake, but these readers are the frosting. Cake is a lot better with frosting.

4 Responses to “Doug TenNapel – Comics”

  1. c Says:

    Awesome. :)

  2. Bean Says:

    I am not disabled, but when i red your books i truly feel the same way. I dont really enjoy reading, but you brought back mylost love for it. You are simply my hero. Sometimes, i find myself staring into the pictures of your book, feeling as if i am the character. I dont ask for much but all i ask for it more books.
    Thank you,
    #100 fan: Bean

  3. noiz Says:

    that’s a really heartwarming letter, thanks for posting it :)

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