Doug TenNapel – Spider Boy

February 15, 2013

This is a commission of my favorite web-slinger. I don’t usually draw other people’s characters, but in this case, I’d been working on a Spiderman story just to see what I would do with that great American icon. Here’s Spider Boy:


(Click here for bigger image: )
The name Spider Boy is my first change, because to me Peter Parker was always about being a high school kid. He’s a boy, and the idea that he’d be this huge, ripped, adult-looking man betrays the innocence and clumsiness of being an awkward teen.

In my story, the world is rooted more in fairy tale than Marvel’s usual Materialist “believable” universe. So magic is real, and is the primary explanation for how things work in contradistinction to science being the reason. Dr. Octavius is a tomb raider who comes across 13 animal idols, each representing an ancient, pagan, evil spirit. He hired Peter Parker as an assistant over the summer, mostly because he’s a great (and cheap) photographer who would document the expedition in the heart of the Congo.

PP accidentally handles a tiny spider idol and a curse falls on him… Curse of the Spider Boy! When he holds the idol he is transformed into the above image. He turns bright red and blue, his lips are black his eyes, glowing orbs. Little spider spirits cling to his fingers and arms and spray webs according to his thoughts that allow him to soar around New York’s skyline. He can climb walls, and spiders around the world obey his wishes.

Every hero needs a great villain and Spidey has 12 of them! Dr. Octavious handles an octopus idol… and brings home the other animal idols that include a rhino, a vulture, a beetle, chameleon, hammerhead shark, jackal, lizard, wolf, puma, scorpion etc. Soon Dr. Octopus and his gang of evil animal-men want the 13th idol which is held by the Spider Boy!

Marvel, I’m here to help.


9 Responses to “Doug TenNapel – Spider Boy”

  1. Jera Says:

    Hey, I like it. Fresh takes on tired superhero ideas are always welcome in my book. Besides, it’s not as if you could realistically come up with explanations for his villains and their bizarre assortment of animal-related abilities and have it be more ridiculous than the source material.

  2. Praveen Sawh Says:

    w0w! When can we expect this book? :D

  3. obvioustwoll Says:

    I’d read that. As much as I like the idea of Peter Parker being a scientific genius, the idea is pretty much abandoned once he leaves high school and becomes a photographer anyways.

  4. I would love to see this as a book! Sounds like the usual high levels of fun we can expect from you! Love the commission!

  5. Michael Says:

    @obvioustwoll That’s the joy of fantasy, Peter will never have to leave high school :)

  6. safetydancer Says:

    Amazing! Will all the 11×17 commissions have backgrounds like this?

    • tennapel Says:

      Most of the them don’t. It’s just that Spider man is hard to draw spinning webs in the air without putting him in the context of a city. ALL of the commissions no matter the size do have a level of ink wash applied to them.

  7. tipon24 Says:

    LOL great idea.. a little more creative and a little like Harry Potter for having things to collect, only this time around the enemies collect it. Maybe create your own comics about it, as a fan made spin-off. There are trademarks for the Spiderman, not the Spiderboy!! Keep up with the great work, Doug!! I adore every single piece of your work!! It is all pure art!

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