Last Chance for non-Kickstarter folks to get a Sketchbook!

December 2, 2013

We’re opening up orders for just one month to anyone who wants Volume 2 of my Sketchbook Archives through Paypal. After today, if you want this leatherbound volume you’ll have to buy it at the mercy of Ebay, where the few copies of volume 1 that are available regularly go for well over $100.00. After this month, the books will no longer be available unless I bring a copy or two to the San Diego Comicon. Good luck with that.

Click here to buy:

Last Chance for non-Kickstarter folks to get a Sketchbook!


6 Responses to “Last Chance for non-Kickstarter folks to get a Sketchbook!”

  1. Elliot Says:

    Good man on offering such a privileged to your fans to buy one of these from you. For the people still trickling in as they find out about this will certainly be a much needed avenue.

  2. andrewbatter Says:

    Glad to see this, Doug. I should have some cash freed up right after Christmas, so I’m looking forward to getting the Digital Audio Commentary .

  3. craftyandy Says:

    can’t really support someone who thinks I’m less of a human being and does not deserve equal human rights simply because I was born bisexual and who may make a AIDS joke towards me even if he inspired me growing up, kind of leaves a bitter taste in your mouth thinking that very same person would of likely disowned you send to a straight camp, or not recognize your relationship with someone as legitimate simply because the person may be the same gender. Oh and against woman rights as well lets not forget about that. Thanks.

    • tennapel Says:

      I’ve never advocated than any sinner of any stripe is anything less than human. You’ve got a lot of stuff in here that doesn’t apply to me. If anything, I can make a better case for why you should be loved and treated with dignity than most other world views. I believe you’re made in the image of God. There’s a lot of legends in your culture that says people like me would send you to a camp and that’s probably a good indication that you ought to rethink what your culture is telling you. Love is not the same thing as agreement. It’s ironic that you’s think anything you’ve implied in your comment is a demonstration of love or tolerance in the face of opposition. If anything, I’ve made a case that I consider myself worse of a sinner than any of my opposition.

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