Tommysaurus Rex Screenwriter Selected!

March 6, 2014

Tommysaurus Rex Screenwriter Selected!

I love this screen writer/director! It means Tommysaurus will get a good treatment. I’m happy.

5 Responses to “Tommysaurus Rex Screenwriter Selected!”

  1. Elliot Says:

    Im happy you are happy. I hope this is just the start of a new thing. I would love to see some of your other book get turned into movies as well. I feel like many of them would transition well to movies/shows

  2. tennapel Says:

    Thanks, Elliot. The good news about this announcement is the writer. Tom McCarthy has a unique but heart-centered voice. He is vulnerable and shows sentiment without being sappy. You get a good writer (and potential director) with a strong script and the hard part’s done. We’ve got the right guy to do the hard part.

    Another powerhouse is the producer Cale Boyter who told me years ago he was trying to dig Tommysaurus Rex out of Universal. I nearly laughed at him and said, “Good luck with that.” He came back a while ago and nearly laughed back at me, “We got it.”

  3. Josh Says:

    Fantastic news. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  4. Inkan Says:

    Wow – I´m looking forward to some TenNapel crazy rides next to the Dr Seuss rides! Congratulations Doug, we hope it will work out great and are looking forward to see it when it´s there.

  5. what made you become a writer Doug TenNapel

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