I have been making these free facebook posts that contain the basics on the kinds of work I do in my studio. Some of you are looking for how to make art, some are looking for writing tips, some want to combine both and make graphic novels. Here are a number of different live sessions I posted on my Facebook page (they are public so you don’t have to click “like” to see them:

This is my last writing session I did. If you think writing is like watching paint dry you’d be right. It’s about as dramatic as a brick wall, but I’ve never seen a writer actually write something live so I thought I’d be the first.

Writing live on Facebook in case you want to watch.

Here is a tutorial on watercoloring foreground characters. These are just watercolor basics.

Watercoloring foreground characters

This video shows the layering I do to achieve pink worm-flesh for Earthworm Jim.

Watercoloring Earthworm Jim

I use an ink and brush in my comics when I’m not using a Cintique. This is a demonstration I did while inking commissions for my Kickstarter. The one after is about penciling art which I do before I ink it:

Inking a character tutorial.

Pencil Hall of Records from the Neverhood

Ever wonder how I digitally letter my comic books in Photoshop? It’s all right here.

Lettering comic pages!

Just for contrast, this is what it’s like when I ink my comics on a Cintiq:

Inking on a Cintique

These videos aren’t supposed to be super-tight, they’re kind of basic and conversational. If I spent the time it would take to properly light things, use a professional mic and edit them I probably would choose just to not make them. Please pass these along to your pals if they’re reluctant to start and just need a little demonstration to get going!


Inktoberfest the 16th- Earthworm Happy!

Pentel brush pen on watercolor paper.

Oh, and get my book of art at Kickstarter!:

Inktober 8th, Amphibiman

October 8, 2013

Inktober 8th, Amphibiman

Pentel brush pen on photocopy paper.

Inktoberfest Day 3a

October 3, 2013

Inktoberfest Day 3a

Pentel brushpen Ink on photocopy paper

TenNapel Ink-toberfest

October 1, 2013

I recently got Jake Parker’s fine new book of drawings from his Kickstarter campaign and now I’m inspired to do some organic looking ships. Welcome to day 1 of Inktober. This was drawn using a Pentel brush pen on photocopy paper.


Here’s a group portrait of all of the commissions. Lots of familiar faces and some new ones. (Click the pic to have a closer look)

This is my take on Batman. He’s a delusional billionaire who THINKS HE’S A BAT. A magic bat visits him one night and Bruce Wayne found it to be pliable. He stretches the magic bat over his head and clasps it around his shoulders which became his cowl and cape, his boots and pants. The magic bat has made a moral contract with Bruce so that all bats will help him bend reality so long as he continues to defend Gotham. Why do bats need Bruce to defend Gotham? Because if criminals took over the city they would increase urban crawl and build over their bat-cave that sits just outside the Gotham city limits. (…and yes, the bat clasp talks to him. DC, I’m here to help!)
Robot cowboy outlaw from Iron West:
Finally, here’s Blue the redneck giant, bipedal, mantis from Creature Tech:

11 X 17″ ink and brush on paper.

Here’s a gal in a Kimono at no additional charge.


Earthworm Jim Commission

February 4, 2013

Earthworm Jim Commission

I did this live at the San Diego Comicon. Earthworm Jim is always fun to blast out!