Griffin Commission

March 4, 2013

I did this commish for a pal:
The Griffin is an ancient myth that was adopted by the church in the middle ages. The lion represented Lordship and dominance of the ground while the eagle represented “the king of the air”. Combined they were an image of Christ’s divinity (the eagle) and his humanity (the lion).

I love pre-modern art because people had a more open mind and freer thought regarding the visual. Even today’s church might reject a griffin as “a monster” unfit to symbolize Christ. The modern mind is influenced by the literal demands of Modernism… which ruins art. Classicists like Tolkien, Lewis and R.K. Rowling live on this side of Modernism, but look backwards and try to rescue the dismissed language of the pre-Modern era. We left something back there, so I’m all too happy to bring them back by rendering them once again.