This is my take on Batman. He’s a delusional billionaire who THINKS HE’S A BAT. A magic bat visits him one night and Bruce Wayne found it to be pliable. He stretches the magic bat over his head and clasps it around his shoulders which became his cowl and cape, his boots and pants. The magic bat has made a moral contract with Bruce so that all bats will help him bend reality so long as he continues to defend Gotham. Why do bats need Bruce to defend Gotham? Because if criminals took over the city they would increase urban crawl and build over their bat-cave that sits just outside the Gotham city limits. (…and yes, the bat clasp talks to him. DC, I’m here to help!)
Robot cowboy outlaw from Iron West:
Finally, here’s Blue the redneck giant, bipedal, mantis from Creature Tech: