April 6, 2008

You know a black man has respect when even white people are trying to attach their wagon to him. Even I, the whitest of white men have a deep connection with THE REVEREND because of my religion. Frankly, it’s the influence of Christ (and Ghandi) on King that set him apart as a unique, visionary leader, not his skin pigment. Had he been a Muslim, an atheist, or whatever Obama is this week, we wouldn’t see politicians desperately hooking their values onto his.

The power of MLK’s words were grounded in reason, theology and the Constitution. He made air-tight arguments and never came off as a victim. Murdered before he turned 40, The Reverend King took the high road without trying to be some black messiah. He offered real hope…not in his charisma or momentum of emotion, but because of his sound arguments.

MLK died for his ideas, they weren’t radical enough or race-based enough for some. His dream was for his children to be treated equally, not to get them government health care and safe, legal, rare abortions. Today’s black leaders are a complete fraud, Obama included. They twist what was great about The Reverend King into some gross money-grabbing political scam.

MLK wasn’t killed because he was black. He wasn’t great because he was black any more than I’m great because I’m tall. Whites didn’t own blacks because of their skin color either. People owned slaves because mankind is an opportunist and will use any excuse to rationalize his own sin. MLK didn’t die over a white problem, he shed light on a human problem that still exists today in every race, religion and sex wherever mankind goes…there goes his problem.


14 Responses to “MLK”

  1. Nodak Says:

    This is a good analysis of the slavery/abortion analogy. It has a superb political cartoon at the top from around the civil war. I am a big fan of — getting the word out about Planed Parenthood’s history in eugenics.

    Good point, Doug, about the probleming being human nature and not color. Which recent President went to some african country and practically apologized for slavery in america in his speech, ignoring the fact that this african country was involved in human trafficing of people in neighboring countries?

  2. Max Says:

    Well of course all government officials are money-grubbing jerks, a government is after all a different form of a corporation, and what do corporations do? Provide services for money, lots of money! And unfortunately our government is a 2 party system so it’s always going to be a shameless war for profits.

  3. tennapel Says:

    Max, shut the fuck up.

  4. Arth Says:

    So says the pasty white man that probably has never had a serious talk with a black man… Why even bother?

  5. tennapel Says:

    …and you can tell that I’ve probably never had a serious talk with a black man because…

  6. Scott Says:

    “Max, shut the fuck up.”

    Ironically, it was that attitude that killed MLK. And Ghandi. And Benazir Bhutto. And countless other visionaries throughout time.

  7. tennapel Says:

    I thought guns kill…now it’s attitude?!

    Out of curiosity, what’s your attitude toward the unborn?

  8. Arth Says:

    I know a certain comic book artist who thinks that ditto opinion is important, but he might have been better off aborted.

    Everyone else… not so much.

  9. tennapel Says:

    And this attitude that you have about this certain comic book artist is identical to Martin Luther King and Ghandi’s? I’m really trying to follow your profound mind. Help me out here, Plato.

  10. Arth Says:

    Nah, I think Ghandi was a fraud and MLK was a linguist. Real leaders either have too much power or die before their apex.

    Speaking of, you do know that MLK was starting to change his mind about the effectiveness of nonviolence before his assassination?

  11. tennapel Says:

    I didn’t know that. Is there some record of this? A lot has been said about the man after the fact (even by his wife and kids) that I have a hard time getting my head around.

    Can you tell me why you thought Ghandi was a fraud? Fraud implies duplicity and I don’t see that. Same with MLK being a linguist. His words are loaded with profound arguments, not just a use of language. I don’t see a justification in downplaying their efforts.

    You thinking real leaders have too much power would lend credibility to both Ghandi and MLK being leaders. They had amazing power. Compare that to the overt power of a Hitler and you’ll see that MLK’s ideas have stuck while Hitler’s are only practiced within the Eugenics of the Planned Parenthood movement. MLK wins.

  12. Clifford Says:

    This is a better political debate than anything I’ve seen as of late. Someone on this blog needs to run for presidency.

    P.S. I would also like to know how Ghandi was a fraud.

  13. You know what’s scarey? How much people LOVE not having to think for themselves.

    Hopefully it’s obvious that Ghandi and MLK were better leaders than Hitler. They had something in common, though……they all inspired people to BLINDLY follow them. This wasn’t really what any of them were aiming for….even Hitler. He didn’t want to be questioned, obviously, but he was most intent on the extinction of the Jews. Ghandi wanted people to stop using violence to solve all their problems. MLK was trying to find his missing “I” so he could finally have strong bones. Anyone buying that? Okay. I’ll try again. MLK wanted racism stopped non-violently. But….if MLK or Ghandi had said it was time to riot……you can bet there would have been mass rioting and people would be bleeding milk from their utters. Yes, there would be cow tipping. Hence…the floods of milk that would mark the Apocalypse.

    Oh yeah…I was trying to make a point. They all wanted people to actually UNDERSTAND their mission and philosophy so we could evolve as people into……this is even more scarey…..adults!

    Sheep are good for wool and slaughtering. Which do you prefer? Maybe you’d like to THINK about it. It’s a nasty habit this thinking… only leads to more. You’ve been warned. NOW you can go riot.

  14. Skye Dolney Says:

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