I’m Doing a Slight Update of Earthworm Jim’s design:

February 12, 2018

This is by no means an official drawing, but this Earthworm Jim redesign really scratches an itch for me.

1. I made his eyes slightly smaller. The larger eyes from the 199s were necessary to show up on a 16-bit game system, but today his eyes would still read even at a slightly smaller size.

2. Less bulging muscles. The power of Jim’s suit comes from technology, not from the size of the muscles. This keeps him from looking like something out of an 80s Rambo movie. He would move a little better as a cartoon character too.

3. I removed his suspenders and just gave him a simple, blue triangle around his neck. This also simplifies his design. Now that didn’t hurt, did it?




2 Responses to “I’m Doing a Slight Update of Earthworm Jim’s design:”

  1. Simon Says:

    He feels more real (Well, as much as a worm in a suit can), but also less over the top/clumsy. Personally, I have a thing for his 90’s look.

  2. wish he was on the screen again.loved it .

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